Zhongwang 3D 2013 CAM 3-axis processing introduction

Zhongwang 3D has CNC machining functions from CNC cars to 2-5 axes, providing complete and efficient machining solutions for machinery, electronics, molds, daily necessities and other industries to meet the functional needs of enterprises in daily production.

3-axis machining

Zhongwang 3D's powerful CAM function is a new tool for achieving seamless docking from design to manufacturing. The automatic hole machining and 2 and 3 axis machining strategies can intelligently identify the holes and curved surfaces in the part. At the same time, the automatic selection of the right tool and efficient machining process enables rough finishing of all parts of the entire part. The tool path generated based on the 3D CAM function of Zhongwang is safer, achieving a new breakthrough in the processing efficiency and safety of enterprise products.

The high-speed milling method inside the 3-axis can process any surface model and solid model; provide a reasonable optimization route for high-speed machine tool processing, achieve smoothness of the entire processing, and improve the processing quality of the surface of the part; The tool path also more closely matches the user's needs, the calculation is more accurate, the unnecessary lifting of the knife is reduced, and the machining efficiency is greatly improved; the over-cutting inspection function can query the small position to ensure the safety of the processed workpiece.

For the pentahedron machining of the parts, Zhongwang 3D can be easily completed, and the post processing is also very convenient.

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