Oxygen, acetylene management system

First, the operator should be trained and evaluated, and work with valid documents.

Second, the gas cylinder should have obvious color code and anti-vibration ring, not close to the heat source, not exposed to sunlight, and should be placed in a special warehouse after use.

Third, the anti-tempering device, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, safety helmet and other safety protection devices are complete and effective, the leather tube is fastened with a collet and does not leak. To check for air leaks, use soapy water. Do not use open flames.

4. The storage distance of the oxygen bottle acetylene bottle is not less than 2 meters, the use distance is not less than 5 meters, and the open flame is greater than 10 meters.

5. Oxygen bottles, oxidizing gas meters and welding and cutting tools are strictly prohibited from contaminating grease.

Sixth, when the ignition, the welding gun mouth is not allowed to the right person.

7. It is forbidden to climb the ladder and climb up with a welding torch connected to the hose.

8. After the work is completed, the cylinder valve should be closed, the safety cover should be screwed on, the operation site should be inspected, and it is confirmed that there is no danger of fire.

Brass Shower Head


functions,shower and massge


water pressure,0.03-0.75Mpa


thickness of chrome plating,0.25-0.45um

thickness of nickel brush, 7.5-9.5um


warranty, 5 years


package: can be color box. 100 pcs/ctn,

               each piece have single inner box  

Brass Hand Shower

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