The qualification rate of quality supervision and inspection of building materials in Hulunbeier in the second quarter was 68.6%.

Abstract Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Quality and Technical Supervision in accordance with the second quarter of product quality supervision and inspection program requirements, Clay Bricks for the city, sintered porous brick, concrete pavement bricks, lightweight aggregate concrete small hollow block, plastic products casement window The production company has carried out...

Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in accordance with the requirements of the second quarter product quality supervision and spot check plan of the autonomous region, the production of sintered ordinary bricks, sintered porous bricks, concrete pavers, light aggregate concrete small hollow blocks and plastic casement windows The company conducted a supervision and spot check.

This time, we supervised and inspected 4 sintered and ordinary brick production enterprises, 4 batches of samples, qualified 4 batches and 4 batches, and the enterprise qualification rate and product sampling pass rate were 100%. Three batches of sintered porous brick production enterprises were sampled, and three batches of samples were qualified. Two qualified batches of two batches, the enterprise pass rate and product sampling pass rate were all 67%. Three concrete pavers were randomly selected and three batches of samples were produced. One batch was qualified and one batch was qualified. The qualification rate of the enterprise and the sampling pass rate of the products were all 33%. A total of 6 light-collecting concrete small hollow block production enterprises were selected, 6 batches of samples, and 2 batches were qualified. The enterprise qualification rate and product sampling pass rate were both 33%. The main unqualified items have unqualified strength grade, unreasonable raw material ratio, and poor quality of raw materials. The main reason for the failure is to ignore the quality inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, outdated equipment, and inadequate maintenance.

In the next step, the Hulunbeier Quality Supervision Bureau will take effective measures for the problems arising from the building materials and carry out further processing.

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