Identify the barcode to make the fake "foreign wallpaper" appear

The wall decoration has been nearly a hundred years old, and nowadays the wallpaper suitable for the interior wall decoration can be described in a variety of styles, and the variety of colors is dazzling. Many people have the question: Isn't wallpaper made of paper? Why do you want to sell hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars per square meter?

Now, when you go to any wallpaper store, the salesperson repeatedly claims to be an importer. The layman's consumers are blindfolded when they look at the product description. They are almost all foreign languages, except for English, as well as German, Italian, French, Japanese, and Korean. In fact, many of these wallpapers are fake foreign goods, most of which are produced in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangxi, etc. At best, some of the ingredients of individual brands are imported.

In such cases, the consumer can ask the store to look at the original box of the entire box, or look at the barcode of the entire roll of wallpaper without unpacking. The barcode is a product ID card consisting of a 12-digit product code and a 1-digit check code. The first two digits of the product code are country codes, such as 00-09 for the United States, 30-37 for France, 40-44 for Germany, 45-49 for Japan, 69 for China, and 80-83 for Italy.

In addition, the original imported wallpapers have customs declarations, ocean bills of lading, packing lists and container invoices. After the four singles are combined for verification, they can browse the websites of these brands online and see them at a glance.

In addition to the barcode, the wallpaper package should be accompanied by a Chinese description. For the products of the whole foreign language, China's "Product Quality Law" has provisions, the lack of Chinese manual is not in line with product quality requirements, such products are not allowed to sell in the Chinese market.

Scaffolding Net, which is also called as debris net, safety net, windbreak, wind shade, is used to cover scaffolds on buildings. It can protect people and things around the scaffolding system and construction site from falling objects. It can also used to create a barrier or partition sites during sports or recreational events. And it is extremely popular and widely used as a general garden netting, to cover plants, crops, seedlings and in the general agricultural environment. Will help keep out birds, butterflies and other pests from plants by its tight mesh.


Scaffolding net:

Type: HDPE monofilament net

Width: 1-12m or as per customer`s request

Grammge: 40-250GSM

Color: green, blue or as per your requset

Packing: in rolls, in cartons, or as per your request.

Scaffolding netScaffolding netScaffolding netScaffolding netScaffolding net

Scaffolding Net

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