Feng Shui analysis of house decoration

In the decoration of Feng Shui, the requirements for the house itself are relatively standardized. What kind of house feng shui is a problem to be considered when buying a house. The orientation of the house, the environment of the house and the floor, the structure inside the house are all the decoration of the house. The issues involved.

House orientation

The south-facing house is the favorite of the people of the country. The house needs to keep fresh air and full of sunshine. In the house facing south, it is only necessary to look at the window. It is usually only one side of the house to open the window. Sit and the other side is facing.

2. House structure

The layout of the living room, the design of the kitchen and bathroom, etc., are some of the most important housing structures. In the decoration of Feng Shui, the kitchen and the bathroom door cannot be opposite. The bathroom cannot appear on the left and right sides after entering the door. The door of the bedroom cannot face the door. The beam of the living room cannot be installed with a chandelier.

3. Environment

The decoration of Feng Shui in the house is not only to look at the feng shui in the house in a narrow sense. It is also necessary to observe the surrounding environment from a macro perspective. If the environment of the community is bad, it will not satisfy the basic convenience of life and the problem of wind and water.

4. Floor

The floor problem is very troublesome. Some people say that the 7-11 floor is a dust belt, and the 1-3 floor is relatively humid. The living is too high and the air is not enough. On the topic of the floor, you don't have to worry too much. If someone with respiratory diseases lives in the middle of the floor.

House decoration Feng Shui essential knowledge

Financial position

The financial position is generally in the living room, and it is related to the fortune of the whole family, career, etc. The best place is in the diagonal direction of the entrance.

2. Light source

Lighting in house decoration Feng Shui is also a great hidden danger. If the house is in the dark place all the year round, it will affect the overall fortune. It must be well-growth and breathable to maintain the basic problems of the house.

3. Beam and column

Some developers design houses very strange. In the living room where the load-bearing walls are designed, they are not obstructed. They cannot be removed and can be transformed into a partition or arched door.

4. Window

Opening the door will be lost to the window fortune, and the window is also the most important in the decoration of Feng Shui. In order to make the house better, the direction of the window during the decoration of the house or the mascot will be resolved in the later decoration.

After understanding what kind of house feng shui is good, I simply provided you with the basic common sense of house decoration Feng Shui. Home renovation is a very complicated project, and there are as many places as we need to consider. I am also sloppy when I understand the feng shui of the house decoration.

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