Greenhouse vegetable management

   1. Do not apply excessive fertilizer

The temperature in the greenhouse is high, the humidity is high, the decomposition of organic fertilizer is fast, the amount of nitrogen volatilization is large, and the excessive application of fertilizer is easy to cause fertilizer damage. Therefore, for greenhouses with continuous seeding for more than 3 years, the application amount of chicken manure and cow dung should be controlled within 2,500 kg per 1 / 15 hectare (1 mu ) , and the application amount of chemical fertilizer should be reduced by about 50 %. Micro-fertilizers such as boron, zinc and magnesium to balance the nutrients in the soil.

   2. Do not overheat

Some Laonong mistakenly believe that the higher the temperature, the faster the vegetable grows. In fact, the upper limit of the temperature for vegetables is 25 - 32 °C. If the temperature is too high, the growth of young fruit will be inhibited, and the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the plant will be out of balance. The yield will not decrease but will decrease. Some varieties may even have the phenomenon of long vines and no long fruit.

   3. Do not keep the seedlings too dense

It was determined that 2 tomato plants were planted in 1 square meter , 50 % of the photosynthetic products were consumed by the vegetative bodies, and another 50 % of the photosynthetic products were used for fruit growth. If you plant 4 plants per square , the vegetative body will consume 70 % - 80 % of the photosynthetic products. Excessive close planting will lead to a decrease in yield, and it is prone to various bacterial diseases, so it should not be too dense. Reasonable close planting should be adopted according to different vegetable varieties.



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