CAXA 3D CAD Tips: Doing a Shower

CAXA Solid Design (3D CAD) 2013 is easy to learn and easy to use, and can help beginners quickly master 3D CAD design. Today Xiaobian will share with you the design of the shower.

Today's tutorial is mainly to enhance the understanding of the straight face of the solid design and the knowledge of the surface fill hole. It also introduces the stitched surface and the materialized function of the new features of the 2013 solid design. Also let everyone understand and be skilled in the actual operation of the use of curved projection. I believe that everyone will have a certain improvement in the use of the three-dimensional ball skills. Next, use simple operations to let everyone master the ideas and practices of solid design 3D CAD.

first step:

Draw a curve on the solid design XY plane of any sketch and then stretch it bidirectionally into the surface shown in Figure 1. Then, draw a grass drawing shape as shown in Figure 1 at a certain distance above the ZX plane. Then use the three-dimensional ball to copy the surface shown in Figure 1 down a certain distance to generate two surfaces as shown in Figure 2. Then select the curve, the projection surface, and the projection direction under the Surface Projection Line under the Surface menu bar. The curves of Figure 1 are then projected on two surfaces, respectively. As shown in Figure 3, both surfaces are finally compressed. Finally, two spatial curves as shown in Fig. 4 are formed.

The second step:

Select the Straight Face feature under the Surface menu bar. Select the corresponding curve in turn. A graph as shown in FIG. 5 is generated. Then use the Surface Fill Hole function under the Surface menu bar to pick up the curve on the boundary as shown in Figure 6. After finishing the selection, the graph shown in Figure 6 will be formed.

third step:

Finally, under the "Surface" menu, pick up the "surface stitching" function, stitch the generated surface into a whole in turn, and finally pick up the "materialization" function, so that our surface features are transformed into solids. Then the rounded corners are slightly modified to become a beautifully shaped shower.

Such a shower is ready, interested and wants to be improved in the actual operation. Do you have any inspiration to make a spoon? You can also make a beautifully shaped shower with your hands!

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