Small apartment decoration should pay attention to which feng shui

After buying a house, whether it is for renting or living by yourself, the necessary renovation is still carried out. Whether you are renting a house or your own dwelling house, the decoration Feng Shui can not be neglected. With the progress of the times, people have already lost a lot of traditional things, but the home Feng Shui has always been valued by people. Let’s take a look at the small series. The small apartment decoration you shared is taboo.

What is a small apartment, of course, refers to a small home space, which is like a human gas field. If the two families are opposite each other, if the opposite gas field is stronger than themselves, then the gas field between the two households will be opposite. The family’s absorption has a great impact on the fortune of their own family.

1. The influence of fortune

Due to the small space of small apartment, the layout of Feng Shui is difficult to deploy, which has a great impact on the layout of Feng Shui in the small-sized home. If the gas field outside the gate is absorbed by the opposite people, it will be worse for your own family. In the house, it is difficult to foresee the nobles, the interpersonal relationship is difficult to handle well, and the impact on their own career is not small. They often see the opportunity in front of them, but they are easily taken away by others.

2. Choose a room

Modern and popular apartments and buildings are usually adopted in this pattern. It is difficult to find a house whose door is not right. But even if it is difficult, don't give up. In the vicinity of the school or business district, there may be houses that are not door-to-door. When you choose a house, you can run a few more places, especially in the nearby affordable housing. Maybe It won't be difficult.

3. Expedient measures

If such a situation is a foregone conclusion, there are ways to avoid being affected by the opposite people. However, it is only a temporary solution. You can choose a small-sized home with two doors that are as large as possible, or at least have a wide space between the gates. Therefore, the influence of the gas field between the two households will be relatively small. Even if one of the households is strong, there will always be some surplus. In the future, there will be some favorable development space in the handling of interpersonal relationships. Although there are many things that don't go well at work, there is still a chance in the cracks.

Whether you are buying a small-sized house or renting a house, this should be a priority. Living in this house, unfortunately bad things are often there. It is very simple to avoid this. When you enter the door, you can find it at a glance. .

Some people may still be confused if they are in the 期房, what should they do? You have to pay attention to their design drawings. If you really meet this pattern, you would rather spend more money and let the real estate developers modify the design. Good feng shui.

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