Potato double-row ridges to produce high yield

The potato double-row ridge and high-yield cultivation technology is a comprehensive cultivation method of potato integrated with deep pine, ridge, deep fertilization and double-line rational close planting. It can increase yield by more than 15% and increase the yield of qualified potato by more than 20%. . The technical points are now introduced as follows:

1. Choose the right variety. At present, the potato varieties of early-maturing, high-yield and high-quality, such as dam potato No. 10, Zhongshu No. 3, Feiwuruita and Kexin No. 4, are mainly promoted.

2. Select the ground, ditch the whole car, and ridge. Potatoes should not be continuously cropped, and high-yield potato cultivation techniques are suitable for rotation with crops such as beans, cereals and canola. It is advisable to plant sand loam or tidal sand field with fertile soil, deep soil layer, loose structure, good irrigation and drainage conditions and strong water and fertilizer retention capacity. After ploughing, level the land in time to achieve soil, ground, and foot. It is required to level and thin the car, and open the side ditch and the cross groove to facilitate drainage and stain prevention. When ridges, the width of the ridge is 60~66 cm, the height of the ridge is about 20 cm, and the ridge spacing is 33 cm.

3. Treat the seeds. Before planting, we must strictly select seed potatoes and eliminate diseased potatoes and rotten potatoes. The seed potato must have a complete potato block, no pests and diseases, no damage to the frozen potato, smooth potato skin and fresh color. Large seed potatoes should be cut into pieces, and knives and diseased potatoes should be disinfected with 75% alcohol to prevent virus (bacteria) infection. Each seed potato should have 1~2 strong buds, and try to use the top buds, each piece should be 25~50 grams. The cut should be followed by cutting, and the amount of the seed used is about 150 kg.

4. Sowing at the right time. Planting at high altitudes should be from early January to early February. Before harvesting, pay attention to the fact that those low-altitude areas can be advanced until the end of December to early January. If the seed potato has been germinated in a large amount, it is rather late and not too early to ensure that the seedlings are in the aftermath of the final frost.

5. Master the seeding method and density. Two rows of seed potatoes were planted in each ridge, the row spacing was 33~36 cm, the plant spacing was 23~26 cm, the seeding row and the ridge margin were 15 cm, and one seeding germination seed potato was broadcasted at each hole. When planting, put the seed potato directly on the ridge surface, the bud eye is facing upwards, and press it slightly to make the seed potato fully contact with the soil. After sowing, cover the soil with the seed cover and cover the ridge surface. The thickness of the covering soil is about 8 cm, the covering soil is too shallow, and the knotted potato will be exposed to green, which will affect the quality; if the overlying soil is too thick, the seedling will be delayed and the yield will be affected. The general planting density is 5000~6000 points/mu.

6. Apply enough base fertilizer. Generally, 1500~3000 kg of organic manure is applied per mu, 30-40 kg of phosphate fertilizer, 200 kg of plant ash or 20 kg of potassium sulphate, and the base fertilizer is applied to the ridge and two rows of seed potatoes. At the time of sowing, if 1000 mu of human and animal excrement per hectare or 15 kg of nitrogen fertilizer is used as seed fertilizer, the emergence of seedlings can be quickly and tidy and robust.

7. Timely topdressing. While doing the cultivating and weeding, temperature management and water management (the method is the same as conventional cultivating), it is necessary to carry out top dressing in the early stage of potato tuber expansion, and apply 10 kg of urea or 15 kg of ternary compound fertilizer. Foliar application of 50 kg of water can also be carried out with 2% urea solution or 0.2 to 0.3 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

8. Control pests and diseases. The main disease of potato is late blight. If the rain is too much, the plant will be seriously affected before and after flowering. After the diseased plant is found, 75% of mancozeb 100g/mu is sprayed on 40kg of water, and the central diseased plant is removed. Apply once every 7 to 10 days. When it is found that there are underground pests such as cockroaches and ground tigers, 90% trichlorfon can be used as a poison bait to scatter in the field; if there is aphid damage, 50 kg of water can be sprayed with 25% deltamethrin 10~15 ml/mu.

9. Harvest at the right time. The potato plants withered, most of the stems and leaves turned yellow, and the tubers stopped expanding and it was the best harvest period.

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