Asian Powder Metallurgy Conference invited report experts have confirmed

Second Asian Conference of powder metallurgy (APMA2013) will be held in Xiamen, November 3 -6 days. This conference will invite a number of experts at home and abroad to make a special invitation report. Both the dual identity of scholars and managers

- Dr. Michael Krehl visits APMA2013 conference and reports

Michael Krehl has served as CEO and Principal General Manager of PMG Holdings since he took over the PMG Group in 2003 . Prior to joining PMG in 1996 , he held leadership positions at various materials companies in Germany and the United States. Dr. Krehl studied materials science at the University of Stuttgart in his early years and received his master's degree in 1981 . Later, at the University of Stuttgart, he completed his Ph.D. with Professor G. Petzow at the Planck Institute for Materials Science . His master's and doctoral thesis are based on the performance of niobium and tantalum alloys in high temperature and sintered state.
Even during his working days, Dr. Krehl has written about 30 publications, presenting countless papers at various conferences, focusing on refractory metals, powder metallurgy and manufacturing. As a manager who stands out in the academic field, as an academic guardian who is tireless in the management industry, his forthcoming report on the development and application of soft magnetic powder metallurgy materials will undoubtedly become a highlight of the conference.

Top experts in the international powder metallurgy industry

—— Professor RM German will attend APMA2013 conference and report

        As a professor and former vice dean of the School of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University, Randall M. German obtain a doctorate from the University of California, Davis, a Master of Science from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science from San Jose State University, It is an outstanding alumnus of these three prestigious schools.
With his outstanding academic standards and outstanding personal abilities, Professor German is also in the business. At the same time as the presiding professor, he led the main research task with 56 million sponsorship support. To date, he has published 990 papers, published 17 books, has 25 patents, and has written 19 books. In addition, as a practicing scientific practitioner and a member of MPIF , he also received an honorary doctorate in the world of science, the Tesla Medal, and is a director of three technology groups.
Professor RMGerman 's visit to Xiamen will surely become a highlight of APMA2013 , and it is bound to set off a brainstorming and technological storm in the powder metallurgy industry in China and Asia. He will give a speech on the core topic of metal powder injection molding and discuss this issue with other delegates. Let us wait and see the wonderful speech of this world-renowned scholar.

Powder metallurgist in the music capital

—— Professor Herbert Danninger visited the APMA2013 conference and gave a report

After completing his studies in industrial chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna, Professor Herbert Danninger received his Ph.D. in 1980 with a paper on sintering high-specific gravity tungsten alloys. Subsequently, in 1990 he was awarded the qualification of the Vienna University of Technology and was subsequently appointed as a full-time professor of inorganic materials chemistry in 2003 . From 2011 to the present, he has been the Director of the Department of Industrial Chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna.
As a senior powder metallurgist who has been at the forefront of the powder metallurgy industry for more than 30 years and has published more than 350 academic papers, Professor Herbert Danninger 's main research topic is the sintering process, especially the chemical reaction between sintered materials and atmosphere. In addition, there are high-strength powder metallurgy alloy steels and metal fatigue strength of powder metallurgy materials. At the conference, his forthcoming report entitled "Ultra-high cycle fatigue performance of iron-based powder metallurgy materials" will show the participants the latest developments and research results in this field. This scholar with both academic and practical coexistence, strength and reputation will surely lead another discussion of the conference.

a tireless academic practitioner

- Professor Li Zaixing visited the APMA2013 conference and gave a report

In 1983 , following Professor Guenter Petzow 's work at the Powder Metallurgy Laboratory at the Planck Institute of Metals, Li Zaixing received his Ph.D. in Metal Science from the University of Stuart. Since then, he has been working at Hanyang University's ERICA campus as a professor, dean and director. His research focuses on the processing of metal nanopowders, the design of nanopowder feeds for 3D net forming processes, and the grain boundary diffusion of nanopowder materials. He has published more than 200 academic papers, compiled 3 books, has more than 20 patents, and has won numerous domestic and international awards for his outstanding achievements. In terms of social activities, he is a member of the Korean National Academy of Engineering and a director of the German Humboldt Foundation. He was the director of the Korea Foundation for Science and Technology Research and the Asian Powder Metallurgy Association. In addition, Professor Li Zaixing is also a technical consultant of Samsung Electric, R&D Center and Corning Co., Ltd.
Professor Li Zaixing’s trip to Xiamen will bring us a report entitled “Progress in Powder Metallurgy Technology Using Nano-Powder Materials”. Its unique perspective, professional analysis and deep foresight are bound to add to the highlight of the conference.

In-depth analyst of the Asian powder metallurgy industry

—— Ola Litström will come to APMA2013 conference and report
After receiving a master's degree in physical metallurgy from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Mr. Litström joined the Swedish company Högans and has been working in the powder metallurgy industry for 17 years. His work mainly includes more than ten years of product and process development, as well as engineering management and other fields. His research reports have obtained patents in related fields. In addition, Mr. Litström is active in technical market support, production and plant management, as well as in the powder metallurgy industry for guidance, training and education.
Mr. Litström is currently the Application Development Manager for Höganäs Asia and is based in Höganäs China Ltd. in Qingpu, Shanghai. With work experience in China as well as in-depth understanding of Asia's macroeconomic situation, Mr. Litström the General Assembly entitled APMA2013 will bring a "challenge of Asia's booming powder metallurgy industry," the report will make our Asia The powder metallurgy industry has a more authoritative, professional and comprehensive understanding, which in turn stimulates and drives the further development and expansion of this industry in Asia.

Senior powder metallurgist working at the forefront of science

—— Professor Hideshi Miura visited APMA2013 and gave a report

Hideshi Miura holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science and a Ph.D. from Kyushu University. He is currently a professor at Kyushu University and one of the chairmen of the Japan Powder Powder Metallurgy Association. He also successfully hosted the 2012 Yokohama World Powder Metallurgy Conference in Japan as Vice President . He published about 300 articles and translated R M. German 's Powder Metallurgy Science with 12 patents and 20 books. With his outstanding professionalism and excellent comprehensive knowledge, Professor Hideshi Miura has received numerous awards from various organizations including JSPM, JSME and JIM .

At the APMA2013 conference, Professor Hideshi Miura will present us with a report entitled "Direct Laser Forming of Titanium Alloy Powders in Medical and Aerospace Applications", which will open a new vision for us and open up a heated discussion. The topic, and then set off a new round of technological revolution.

Scientific problem insights and solvers

—— Dr. Yoshimi Sugaya visited the APMA2013 conference and gave a report

Yoshimi Sugaya graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ibaraki, Japan in 1979 and received his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University in 2006 . His main research focuses on the powder metallurgy pressing process and mold technology. Dr. Yoshimi Sugaya joined Hitachi Powder Metal Co., Ltd. in 1979 and has been working for the technical committee of JPMA since 2009 .

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