Kuraray has developed a new solar cell package that helps reduce costs and weight

Japan's Kuraray Co., Ltd. has begun supplying samples of new solar cell packaging films. The thin film can improve the durability and strength of the solar cell module, and can reduce the cost and realize the weight reduction. It belongs to a thermoplastic resin polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film that can be formed at a high temperature. It was jointly developed by Kuraray and the Japan Institute of Industrial Technology.

The new package has a high sealing performance and does not need to be sealed at the ends to prevent moisture from entering the solar cell module as in the past. This can also reduce the load generated by the load, reduce the degree of bending of the glass, and maintain module strength. It also eliminates the need for increased strength frames and supports.

The use of the new film described above simplifies module parts, reduces weight, and helps reduce costs. Moreover, compared with the original products, the new film is less degraded over time and achieves unprecedented long-term durability. The PID (Pattern Induced Attenuation) phenomenon in which output power is reduced due to external factors such as temperature, humidity, and the like is urgently required to be solved in recent years.

Demand for solar cell modules and their components has been increasing. Modules need to reduce costs, achieve light weight, and increase reliability in harsh environments. In response to this demand, Kuraray has developed a new film. The encapsulant is used to encapsulate internal components such as solar cells, electrodes, and wiring to prevent moisture from entering and impacting, and to prevent output power from deteriorating due to ageing and damage.

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