In order to personal safety with a good helmet

According to everyone's knowledge, the safety helmet is an indispensable safety product for construction people. He can guarantee people's head safety during construction, so let's talk about the usefulness of the helmet and the issues to pay attention to when purchasing.

A safety helmet is a protective device that protects the head from impact.

It consists of a cap shell, a cap liner, a lower cheek strap and a rear hoop. The cap shell is hemispherical, strong, smooth and resilient, and the impact of impact and puncture kinetic energy are mainly borne by the cap shell.

There is a space between the cap shell and the cap liner that can cushion and disperse the instantaneous impact force to avoid or reduce direct damage to the head.

Impact absorption properties, puncture resistance, lateral stiffness, electrical insulation, and flame retardancy are the basic technical performance requirements of the helmet.

Problems with the purchase of hard hats

1. To select hard hats with high brand awareness and reputable manufacturers, we must not underestimate the price and ignore the hidden dangers.

2. Product selection standards When choosing a helmet, users should pay attention to selecting the helmet that meets the relevant national regulatory requirements. The logo is complete. After passing the inspection, the safety helmet should be checked for its recent inspection report.

3, according to the choice of workplace. Such as underground, underground engineering, tunnels, logging, live, fire and other operating sites, must use a helmet with special technical performance, the use of live working personnel, should choose a helmet with electrical insulation properties and inspection qualified; When working in a low-temperature environment, helmets with low-temperature protection performance and inspection qualification should be selected. Do not use helmets used in general workplaces to avoid major personal injury or death.

4, according to the company's own characteristics and image design, choose a beautiful shape, fine workmanship, wearing a comfortable, well-structured hard hat.

Construction workers have a lot of dangers during construction. Using a safety helmet is undoubtedly to protect the safety of construction workers. Therefore, we should pay attention to the several issues mentioned in the article when we buy hard hats in our lives, and protect the safety of our heads.

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