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"The installation process of cylindrical roller bearings" detailed

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First, the installation process of cylindrical roller bearings. 1) set of clearance.
.2) Sorting the outer raceway scale error; appearance view.
.3) Internal scale error; appearance view.
.4) Roller, cage and inner ring or external factors.
.5) The cage is riveted or crimped, or pressed.
.6) Put the inner ring assembly in the outer periphery; or trap the inner ring in the external component;
.7) View sensitivity, appearance; product inspection.
.8) Demagnetization, removal, dehydration and drying.
.9) oiling, packaging; need to leave the packaging; internal or external factors or components are separated from the packaging.
In the perfect process of the sub-bearing of the cylinder; the first is mainly the three steps of the raceway size ç…½ differential selection, the radial clearance joint, and the cage pressing; the others are auxiliary processes. The actual situation of each factory There are differences; it is sensitive to the principle of convenience and quality assurance.
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