"A method for the preparation of a high B-value negative temperature coefficient thermistor material" was invented

Recently, the "Preparation Method of a High-B Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor Material" completed by the scientific research personnel of the Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences was granted by the national invention patent (Patent No.: ZL 201210250492.0).

The negative temperature coefficient thermistor is an electronic component whose resistance value decreases with increasing temperature. The thermistor has the advantages of high sensitivity, good interchangeability, low influence by the magnetic field, high reliability, and short response time. Has been widely used in temperature measurement, temperature control and compensation.

The invention discloses a preparation method of a high B-value negative temperature coefficient thermistor material, which uses AlN, SiO2 and Al2O3 as raw materials, uses anhydrous ethanol or acetone as a dispersion medium, and is supplemented by mechanical milling or stirring. The raw materials are dispersed more evenly, and then a new high B-value NTC thermistor material is prepared by the solid phase method. The thermistor material prepared by the method of the invention has obvious negative temperature coefficient thermal characteristics and relatively high B value, and is expected to become an important supplement to the existing oxide ceramic thermal materials.

The method has the advantages of simple and easy synthesis, clean and pollution-free, easy to realize industrial scale production, has a wide range of raw materials, low prices, sufficient grain growth, uniform particle size, and small size, average particle size of 0.2 μm -0.8μm, stable electrochemical properties.

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