The difference between the function of electric lock and magnetic lock

The electric plug lock is an electronic control lock, and the function of locking or opening the door is achieved through the opening and retraction of the “tongue” through the on-off of the current. Usually the electrical latch consists of two main parts: the lock body and the keyhole. The key component in the lock body is the "lock tongue", and the "keyhole" cooperation can realize the "closed door" and "open door" two states. That is, the lock tongue is inserted into the lock hole to close the door, and the lock tongue leaves the lock hole to open the door. It is because of the retractable function of the tongue that the name of the “electric plug” is awarded. It is also because of this feature that electrical plug locks are often used for various swing doors (two-way opening). At the same time, the characteristics of its “hidden” installation are more suitable for places where the confidentiality of the lock body is relatively high.
The principle of the magnetic lock is the same as that of the electromagnet. It is the principle of using electro-magnetic and then the opposite pole attracting. When the electric current passes through the silicon steel plate, the electromagnetic lock will generate a strong suction force to hold the adsorbing iron plate tightly to reach the door. effect. As long as the small current electromagnetic lock will generate great magnetic force, the access control system that controls the electromagnetic lock power supply will identify the personnel and then turn off the power, and the electromagnetic lock will lose its suction to open the door. Because the electromagnetic lock has no complicated mechanical structure and the structure of the bolt, it is suitable for the access control of the escape door or the fire door. Its interior is protected by epoxy resin. At present, the suction strength of the electromagnetic lock is represented by LB (pounds), and the test method is static pressurization. The so-called static pressure is the electromagnetic lock gradually increases the tension on the adsorption iron plate after the energization, when the electromagnetic lock 's suction exceeds the moment when the absorption of iron plate, the tensile force data is the value of the electromagnetic lock pull. In addition, the force of the electromagnetic lock and the adsorption iron plate must be face-to-face and linear pressure, so that the suction force of the electromagnetic lock is the largest. Adsorption iron plates may be magnetized for a short period of time because of the magnetic induction of the electromagnet for a long time.
The output of the signal output between the card and the magnetic lock and the electric lock. Usually the signal transmission way between them is through, RS422, RS485, RS232 several kinds of commonly used data transmission ways, among them RS422 is duplex data transmission way. Transferred outside. Transmission data is generally odd. 3-wire and 5-wire signal lines are used for wiring. In the door sill system, it is connected with magnetic lock or electric lock signal sensing.
RS485 communication converter. It is a double semi-single data transmission signal. His feature is that there are few wirings. Transmission distance is far and it should not be too much with the magnetic lock or electric lock that it is connected to. If more than one, it must be divided into multiple interfaces and not managed. But relatively speaking, the agreement will be more complicated. They are generally related to the threshold of entry and exit in building intercom. Magnetic lock or electric lock transmission signal. RS232 communication converter is used in smart devices. It is characterized by a short transmission distance. Now the intelligent equipment in the community is relatively common. So its application is also the most extensive.

The function of the Swing Motor is to engage with the large gear ring of the rotary support and drive the boarding system to rotate so that the whole working device can work within 360 degrees.

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