Integrated ceiling industry's future development trend

Integrated ceiling industry's future development trend

The market for integrated ceilings in China is relatively short, but with the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, people have gradually accepted integrated ceilings and used them for home decoration. The market for integrated ceilings is slowly expanding.

As an emerging industry, integrated ceilings have great potential for development. Due to the rapid development of the real estate market, the development of integrated ceilings and other interior decoration industries has been driven to a certain extent. In addition, integrated ceilings have gradually shifted from high-end areas such as hotels, villas, and entertainment venues to ordinary residential homes. .

Mei Lai integrated ceiling Leung said: "The development of the industry is gratifying, it can be said that the era of flourishing, a hundred schools of thought contend. Before the ordinary people in the country is not integrated ceiling, only a small part of urban housing, or only hotels, guesthouses, For use in entertainment venues, now basically farmers' families are in use, and most of the ordinary working-class new-buying houses will also use integrated ceilings, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens and toilets. From the whole industry trend, we think of his The development method is still very large. Each type of product also has its own unique use."

The development of the market is huge, and the market potential of integrated ceilings is huge. It is a blue ocean market waiting for full development. Manager Ms. Deng’s integrated ceiling, said: “Our domestic 100 homes are renovated, and only 2 or 3 households use integrated ceilings. This market is very big. The decorative market for integrated ceilings will grow bigger and bigger. The total number of integrated ceilings that can be used in the national assembly series is only about 5%."

Branding, Personalization, Customization or Future Trends In the integrated ceiling exhibition, some personalized integrated ceilings have jumped into people's eyes. For example, self-cleaning integrated ceilings and music integrated ceilings have all been free from the popular type of bathroom heaters. The combination of the kind of trouble to meet people's desire for home improvement that kind of DIY, and stimulate people's consumer demand. The use of color is also more bold and idyllic landscape, European style, American country, Mediterranean style, modern retro everywhere.

After the 80s, the consumer groups are chasing personalized, because the 80s are an independent and more individualized group. This group is willing to accept the mix of European, American and Chinese styles. At the same time, they are willing to accept bolder colors such as blue sky green or blue sky. Purple this color. Previously integrated ceilings were mainly focused on yellow, brown, and light colors. These common colors should not be able to meet the 80's pursuit of individuality!

Customized service is also a major feature in the exhibition. The company accepts customers' private customization, tailored to customize the integrated ceiling according to the size of the customer's smallpox area; tailored design. Personalized customization, such as putting your favorite color And the style and several modules of the integrated ceiling DIY; can do their own design, according to the customer's ideas for him to tailor the design of the world belongs only to him an integrated ceiling.

Emphasis on the huge market space for integrated ceilings in the rural market has led to the rapid growth of many enterprises. The excitement of the exhibition and the atmosphere of investment attract people to feel that the regulation of real estate does not have a great impact on the integrated ceiling industry, but in this process of rapid development, Many companies continue to explore business opportunities and feel the future of the market is another vast world - the rural market. With the continuous advancement of new rural construction in China, the potential demand for integrated ceilings in rural areas is also increasing. Integrated ceiling The entire industry is optimistic about the development of the rural market, and it is necessary to actively cultivate the rural consumer market for the idea of ​​integrating ceilings.

However, it should be noted that when the integrated ceiling companies compete, disorder and brand is not a major bottleneck restricting the development of integrated ceilings. The major trend in the future of integrated ceilings will be branding. Excellent companies will build brands by improving their capabilities in all aspects of design, production, and services. Of course, some companies without brands or technological innovation will be eliminated.

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