Bathroom: “Hitchhiking” harms the industry

Bathroom: “Hitchhiking” harms the industry

The sanitary ware has entered China for more than 20 years and has developed rapidly. At present, there are more than 3,000 large and small enterprises in China, among which there are no shortage of brands that have been “struggling” after becoming stronger and bigger, and have established brands of the same name in other fields. Slight changes to the original brand identity, as well as the direct plagiarism of the original brand product design, these companies have hitchhiked the rider's words.

Pan-Family Contributing to Low Concerns Consumers are unable to distinguish between the accelerated integration of the company's products in the pan-home industry and the rapid rise of one-stop shopping stores, which actually amplifies the drawbacks of the industry's “low attention”. Due to low attention, consumers do not know whether manufacturers producing bathroom products produce other products. Due to the relevance of products, many companies that are determined to be sanitary brands go to wardrobes and kitchens to fully develop; other sanitary brands still insist on “outstanding”.

Such as: Nobel was first in the ceramic tile industry familiar with the brand name for the public, just last year, the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced the circulation of goods in the list of unqualified product quality monitoring, Nobel brand impressively in the column. However, the "black list" is a toilet and has nothing to do with Nobel ceramic tiles.

For consumers, it is difficult to distinguish which brands do other industries, which bathroom brands only do a single product, and the fisherman naturally "doing something". On the other hand, it is because of the low degree of attention in the sanitary ware industry that the riders are easier to operate and more difficult to find. As a result, various specious bathroom brands appeared frequently in the terminal market and became common practice.

Hitchhiking harms the industry climate Anyway, bathroom brand growth should be a process with a long time span. In this process, both the maturity of operations and the stability of channels and consumer groups are included. At present, the sanitary ware industry has come out of an agitated attitude and hopes to gather attention in a short period of time, even at the expense of brand names. This is not only a cautious measure for the growth of its own brand, but also forms a negative industry atmosphere.

Regarding the issue of taking a ride, the damage to the interests of the sanitary ware brands is second only to the worse. The more serious is the corruption of the industry. Objectively speaking, a well-known brand can really promote the sales of the company's products. In fact, it will not be too optimistic. This misdirection into the bathroom brand's operation will bring incalculable negative impact on the brand's future development.

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