The lack of protective equipment to work fatigue warfare operating norms to avoid the machine "eat people"

In recent years, mechanical accidents have occurred in various production and processing units in our city. Among them, many mechanical injuries were caused by employees directly operating or repairing machinery and equipment while the machinery and equipment were not shut down. As a result, the employees’ limbs became involved in the machine, resulting in tragic consequences such as amputation and interception, which caused serious physical and psychological harm to the employees.

In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of such accidents, the safety supervision department reminds the relevant owners and employees that they must pay attention to mechanical safety.

Stop and then operate

A few years ago, in the absence of shutting down the crusher, Su Long, a quarry at a Suxi feeding facility, entered the front jaw plate of the crusher and cleared the mud at the material outlet, causing the head to be turned on a pulley. Iron hit, the helmet was broken on the spot, and died after being sent to the hospital.

Afterwards, after investigation, it was discovered that the quarry did not install a clear warning sign at the crusher with a relatively high risk factor, and this crusher pulley protection device was not complete.

In this regard, safety supervision departments made it clear that mechanical equipment transmission, rotating parts should be set protective devices, in the crusher with a larger risk factor should be set up a clear warning signs; at the same time, the production and business units must strengthen the safety of employees Training and education, truthfully inform the practitioners of risk factors and preventive measures in workplaces and jobs.

Operational procedures to be perfect

Once, the squad leader Pengmou of the company's artificial leather company had his right hand and head caught in the cooling drum at the production line (the gap between the two drums was 4.2cm). The head was severely squeezed and died after being sent to the hospital.

Afterwards, after investigation, the company found that the company did not install obvious safety warning signs on relevant facilities and equipment in production sites with major risk factors, and the production line safety operation procedures were not perfect. The company’s safe production education and training were not in place, resulting in employees’ safety awareness. Not strong.

It can be said that this case is similar to that of the previous case. In addition to perfecting the operation procedures, the employees’ daily tertiary education and transfer to post and return to work must be indispensable.

Beware of mechanical operation

According to industry insiders, because the hand is most frequently exposed to mechanical contact during work, the most physical injury to the human body is the hand.

In the event that a hand is injured by a machine, first aid must be given in the first instance. When serious conditions occur such as severed hands or severed fingers, the wounds of the injured shall be bandaged to stop the bleeding and relieve pain, and the functions of half-fistulas should be fixed. The application of disinfectant or clean dressings for severed hand or severed fingers should not be immersed in disinfectant such as alcohol to prevent cell deterioration. At the same time, it is necessary to place good hand-cuts and broken fingers in leak-free plastic bags, fasten the bags, and put some ice cubes around the bags (or replace them with ice sticks), and then quickly send the injured to the hospital. .

Job does not fight fatigue

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to ensuring the safe operation of the machine itself, the operator must pay particular attention to safe operation.

Before the operation, the operator must be familiar with the content of the safety operation regulations, and the dress should be neat. The collar, cuffs, and the hem of the clothes must be tight. Wear work shoes, work hats, and long hair should be put into the cap. . Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check again whether the safety device is complete and whether there is any abnormality. After the machine is started, check whether the safety device is complete or not, and then start the processing work.

During the operation of the machine, the operator must not leave the post without permission. In addition to the strict standard operation, attention should also be paid to the combination of work and rest, and fatigue warfare cannot be used. It is also important that you do not remove the safety device yourself or set it in an invalid state in order to speed up the process. At the same time, it is even less convenient and not equipped with tools for replacing the hand. After the machine is turned off, it must be cleaned and disposed of in a timely manner.

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