Britain invents edible eco-friendly water bottles to replace plastic bottles

According to British media reports, British researchers have invented an edible eco-friendly water bottle that could end the problem of hundreds of millions of plastic bottles being discarded each year.

Ooho water bottle looks like jellyfish, odorless, it uses a "spherification" (spherification) (spherification) technology, the technology can be used for pearl milk tea and imitation caviar.

According to reports, students of the Imperial College London to make a film-like outer layer for water, immerse the spherical ice in calcium chloride solution, and then inhale the ball into the brown algae extract and coat it with another film. To strengthen the structure.

However, Ooho's production technology still needs to be perfected. That is, its film is only as thick as fruit skin, and it will be more difficult to transport than normal water bottles. The three British students who invented the water bottle stated that to solve this problem, there must be a double-layered container, which is to put individual Ooho into a film and a more resistant Ooho container.

Other technical challenges include allowing the water bottle to be sealed twice, allowing the water bottle to stay clean during transportation.

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