Tile selection method, a variety of characteristics to see clearly

Tiles are almost the building materials that every household must use. In addition to the decorative space, practicality is still the most important. Choosing the corresponding superior products according to the use requirements can make the purchase of home improvement building materials more effective, and at the same time help to choose the decoration materials that are most suitable for the home environment.

Tile demand: resistant to dirt and wear

For practical people, dirt and abrasion resistance should be the preferred basic performance of ceramic tiles. Most of the living space, especially in the living room where guests are greeted by guests and many people are in and out, need hard and wear-resistant tiles, which are resistant to dirt and abrasion. Tiles not only extend the life of building materials, but also save you a lot of thoughts in daily household cleaning and maintenance. Let's take a look at the preferred choices for dirty and wear-resistant tiles:

Polished brick: hard wearable living room best floor tile

Polished brick is a kind of bright brick that has been polished by the surface of the whole body. The outstanding advantage is that it is hard and wearable. It is suitable for use in most indoor spaces except bathroom and kitchen, such as balcony and exterior wall decoration. On the basis of the use of osmosis technology, polished tiles can also be used to make various imitation stone and imitation wood effects.

Glazed brick: especially suitable for anti-seepage and dirt-resistant kitchen

The glazed brick is the tile whose surface is treated by glazing high temperature and high pressure. The outstanding advantages of glazing treatment are anti-seepage, dirt-proof and easy to clean. Although the wear resistance is slightly worse than that of polished brick, most of the glazed tiles are non-slip. The degree is very good, and the color pattern is rich, the specifications are large, the choice space is large, especially suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

Wood grain brick: long life balcony can also be used outdoors

Wood grain brick refers to ceramic tiles with natural wood realistic texture pattern on the surface. It is divided into two types: original edge and hardcover edge. The former is long strip when burning, no need to cut; the latter is square brick, late cutting and paving More convenient. Wood grain bricks can avoid the disadvantages of fading and non-wearing of wooden floors. They have long service life, high wear resistance, no need for periodic waxing and maintenance like wooden products, and outdoor spaces such as balconies can be used.

Tile demand: waterproof and non-slip

Antique tiles: absorb condensed water vapor, moist and not afraid of wet and cold

Antique tiles are also called retro bricks, which are essentially glazed porcelain tiles made of antique effect. Most of the textures show the natural feeling of slate and rock fragments (the slate bricks belong to this type), and the surface is divided into matte and smooth. . When the antique brick is heavy, it will inhale the water vapor. When it is dry, it will be released without condensing water vapor on the surface. It is not easy to slip, and the safety is high. In winter, it is not as cold as the stone floor, and the touch is better.

Emery tile: natural enamel absorbent home has a small must

Emery tile is made by adding natural clay to the ceramic tile. It is the surface of the sand layer that makes it absorb water and has excellent anti-slip effect. It is very suitable for families with elderly or young children. Kitchen, balcony and bathroom can be used. use. This tile has a small selection of colors, and most of them are small in size, and the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary tiles.

Quartz brick: the lowest water absorption rate, the most preferred bathroom

The quartz brick body is made of quartz fine particles or powder. In general, the lower the water absorption rate of the ceramic tile, the less the moisture absorption, the quartz brick has the lowest water absorption rate in the ceramic tile, only 1%-3%, the best moisture resistance. It should be noted that quartz bricks can be divided into various types according to the surface material. If you want to prevent moisture and slip, you should choose quartz bricks with large surface irregularities.

Tile demand: brighten space light

Marble Tiles: Mirror Gloss

The correct point should be called imitation marble tiles, and the texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects are completely realistic. The polished surface of high-quality marble tiles has a mirror-like luster, which can clearly reflect the scenery, and the space is transparent and bright. The light-colored marble porcelain tiles set off the overall space more clean, and the dark tiles can bring out the space three-dimensional and fashionable.

Vitrified brick: reinforced polished brick is bright but slippery

Vitrified brick is a kind of bright brick that has been polished by the surface of the whole body brick. Compared with the polished brick, the water absorption rate is lower (less than 0.5%), the price is more expensive, equivalent to the enhanced polishing, the surface is generally It is very bright when polishing is no longer needed. In the poorly lit room, the refractive index and the brightening space can be increased, but the slip resistance is not so good.

Bright glazed tiles: good reflective effect to create a clean effect

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