Beware of parts being cracked by spring devices

Use chip judgment. The high speed tool steel turning tool is used for medium speed cutting on the lathe, and the brass chips form a belt. The bronze chips are fragmented.

The finish of the brass workpiece is much better than the bronze. therefore. Different materials of brass and bronze can be easily judged based on the shape of the chip and the finish of the workpiece. For aluminum and aluminum alloys, cutting can be used because the fractures are all silvery white. When using a high speed tool steel external turning tool for medium speed turning on a lathe. Industrial pure aluminum is also known as soft aluminum swarf. The chip removal is not smooth. The cutting edge is often stuck on the tip of the turning tool, and the surface of the workpiece is poorly finished, while the hard aluminum and the chip are properly discharged. The surface finish of the workpiece is high.

From the above cutting characteristics, it is easy to distinguish between soft aluminum and hard aluminum different materials, sound identification. The most obvious sound identification is applied to the identification of soft aluminum and hard strokes. Soft aluminum rods and hard rods with the same length and diameter are used. At the same height, they fall freely on the concrete floor, soft aluminum gives a low sound, and the hard aluminum rod makes a crisp sound. Therefore, the use of such sound discrimination can be used as an auxiliary identification method for distinguishing soft aluminum from hard aluminum.

Six hand identification. For two different metal materials of the same length and the same diameter, it is often soft in the hand. Hard different feelings. In the identification of sparks, when different materials contact the grinding wheel respectively, it will be considered that the alloy structural steel is harder than the carbon steel, and the stainless steel is harder than the alloy structural steel. When using sound discrimination, the hard aluminum rod is held in the hand and it feels harder than soft aluminum. therefore.

Apply this kind of hand identification. It can also be used as an auxiliary identification method for identifying metal materials.

In the maintenance of agricultural machinery. If the above identification method can be applied to identify the same or similar conclusions from different angles, then the majority of the identification methods jointly identify the metal material that is confirmed, and the grade is as correct.

Why can't the farm car be overfilled? The fuel tank is when the agricultural vehicle is hot. Diesel fuel will be heated and swelled, and the vehicle will be bumpy if it is overfilled. Diesel easily escapes from the fuel tank cap, not only wastes fuel, but also affects the car's capacity so it can only be added to the fuel tank volume of 90.

The oil sump is overfilled with oil in the oil sump. Exceeding the upper line of the oil gauge, the oil will break into the combustion chamber. Causes the engine oil to burn blue smoke, not only, the consumption of oil. And it is prone to speeding accidents. Too much oil also increases the connecting rod. Crankshaft. The running resistance of the camshaft is likely to cause the engine to overheat, so the oil of the oil pan can only be added between the two lines of the oil mark. That is to say. Do not exceed the upper score line when twisting, and use no less than the lower score line.

The oil in the air filter oil bath type air filter oil pan should be added to the engraved position. If it is too full, the oil will be sucked into the cylinder for combustion. It is easy to cause carbon deposits or speeding accidents.

The inner hub of the wheel hub is relatively large, mainly for the purpose of heat dissipation. If the hub is filled with grease when the rolling bearing is installed, it will not only increase the running resistance. Moreover, the grease absorbs the friction heat and becomes thin and flows out, which affects the normal operation of the brake. Therefore, it is only necessary to apply an appropriate amount of grease on the rolling bearing during maintenance, and the space outside the bearing should not be oiled. This is called cavity lubrication. Its benefits. It saves a lot of grease and can reduce the resistance to exercise. It can prevent the grease from overflowing and cause the related parts to work abnormally, such as brake failure.

The oil in the hydraulic shock absorber front fork of the wheel fork agricultural wheel truck cannot be added too much. Otherwise the front fork inner volume cannot be changed. The upper tube and the lower tube are equal to the body. This prevents the front fork from damping.

Cooling water pump If the water pump bearing is overfilled. Will cause premature damage to the water seal.

Beware of the parts being cracked by the spring device in the maintenance of the diesel engine when installing the components with the spring device.

Care should be taken to prevent cracking of the components due to the effects of spring tension. An example is given to illustrate that the injector's pressure regulating screw should be loosened before disassembling the injector needle valve. Then remove the needle valve coupler. otherwise. When the needle valve member is inserted or unscrewed from the injector tight cap and tightened with the injector body, the ejector pin is pressed tightly by the pressure regulating spring. The needle valve is easily damaged during the tightening of the cap. Position the pin. The ejector pin and the joint surface of the injector body and the needle valve body cause oil leakage of the injector. Loosen the adjusting screw beforehand. Not only can it be installed smoothly, but it will not damage the parts. When the valve rocker arm mechanism is installed, there is always a tendency for the spring inside and outside the valve to stretch. Therefore, when the rocker arm opens the valve, the valve rocker arm is in the state of being forced at both ends. The head receives the top force of the camshaft and the push rod. The other end is subjected to the tension of the valve spring. In addition, there is a radial slit under the rocker seat, so it is easy to crack the rocker seat when the valve rocker mechanism is installed. To do this, tighten the rocker arm long bolts and the fixing nuts on the short bolts several times alternately. For single cylinder diesel engines. It is best to disassemble the rocker arm mechanism in the closed state of the valve or to tighten the inner screw on the long screw of the rocker. 3 When installing the timing gear cover of the horizontal single-cylinder diesel engine, the fuel injection pump assembly is installed in the timing gear. The lower left of the chamber cover. The fuel pump roller is always at the far right under the tension of the plunger spring. Therefore, the camshaft cam of the camshaft should be turned to the right. Avoid hitting the fuel pump roller against it. In order to ensure that the fuel pump roller is not caught by the pump oil cam, the fuel pump roller can be turned to the left from the inspection hole by a word screwdriver. Then close the timing gear cover. This operation prevents the pump oil cam from cracking the fuel injection pump housing.

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