China's largest rocket "Long March 5" completed the first power system test

At 3:08 pm on July 24, the Long March 5 carrier rocket under research in China successfully carried out the core second-class power system test in Beijing. This test is the longest system-level rocket power test in China, and it is also an important premise for the Long March 5 launch vehicle to be transferred to the launching stage. It is of great significance for the successful first flight on schedule.

The Long March 5 carrier rocket core secondary product used in this test, with a diameter of 5 meters and a total length of about 11 meters, uses non-toxic and non-polluting liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen as rocket engine propellants. After ignition, the rocket core secondary power system successfully completed two ignitions according to the actual flight timing. The test verified the correctness and work coordination of the core secondary module design.

The Long March 5 launch vehicle is not only the first-generation launch vehicle newly developed in China, but also the launch vehicle with the largest carrying capacity in China. It undertakes the major science and technology special launch missions of the three phases of the follow-up lunar exploration project and the manned space station. The Long March 5 launch vehicle is scheduled to conduct its first flight test in 2016 and has now entered the final stage of the engineering development decisive battle.

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