Tribon Fastener Auto Design Software Research and Development

Desktop development technology, using CIMS's extensive fastener data, combined into assembly information, develops highly automated fastener design software. Preface Tribon system 0 provides the corresponding design function for fasteners, and the modeling and assembly of fasteners are cumbersome. design

Desktop development technology, using CIMS's extensive fastener data, combined into assembly information, develops highly automated fastener design software.

Preface Tribon system 0 provides the corresponding design function for fasteners, and the modeling and assembly of fasteners are cumbersome.

The designer needs the hand T to build the fastener volume model, and fill in the fastener information in the Components library, when the component is imported, only a single operation. Through this project, the user selects fasteners from the CIMS library, and the fastener information is read from the CIMS library, and the Volume model and Component components are automatically generated. The user assembles the fasteners before importing the model, and can be packaged in batches in a Tribon environment.

The fastener data flow design is analyzed by the needs of the designer. The data information of the fastener includes: name, specification, material, standard number and weight. This information has been stored in the CIMS database. Since the CIMS database is closed and not open, an external database needs to be established to map the fastener data therein. The program developed by the project extracts fastener information from the database, forms assembly information, and uses the data information of the fastener as a parameter basis to generate a Component component in the Tribon system. The model built by this component, after the late data extraction, generates the bill of materials because the source of the data is CIMS, so the data can guarantee complete consistency. The unique ID information assigned to each fastener by "material code" is accompanied by the same data flow from CIMS to the external database, to the Components, to the bill of materials, and the process of returning to CIMS is faster and more efficient.

After the user starts the assembly process using the process, you can select new, open, save, and delete operations. New assemblies need to be filtered from the search box. To open the assembly, you need to select the assembly in the assembly standard, then edit the assembly and finally save it. The operation of deleting an assembly is to select the name of the assembly to be deleted in the open assembly table. The process is as shown.

Dalian Shipbuilding Group's self-supporting research project: Yang Guangnan 1978 born engineer master's fastener assembly process fastener installation is done in the Tribon system, the user starts the installation program, selects the name of the assembly, and then the profile in Structure Select the location where you want to install the fasteners. The program checks the component library. If there is a component, it directly calls the component to be added to the Structure. If the component does not exist, it calls the Generate Component program to generate the component. The flow is as shown.

Database design In the CIMS database, all the data items of the fasteners are imported into the SQLServer 2008x64 database to generate the Fasteners table. In order to increase the function of the Chinese initials, the two columns of pinyin and word segmentation are added, and the original material type is used to express the regular expression. It is divided into material materials and standard numbers to facilitate the retrieval of the same parts using the standard number.

Firmware material code pairing, each fastener assembly is a subset of the FastenerAssembly table encoded by all the same material names contained in the same fastener name.

SQLServer full-text search can perform a full-text search query on the character type columns (such as varchar, text, etc.) in the data. The Fasteners table is set to full-text search, using the freetext function provided by SQL to perform fuzzy search on the pinned data in the existing table. The Chinese initial is to translate all the Chinese characters in the column of the data sheet name into initials. The principle is to sort the alphabets according to the pinyin, and take the position of the initial mother words, and compare them with the arrangement position of the initials. When the position is between two different initials, the initial is determined. For example, "eight" and "åš“" are located at the first positions of initials B and C, respectively. Finding the initials of "no" only needs to make sure that the "no" sorting in the database is between "eight" and "åš“".

A regular expression is a template that describes a set of strings. Regular expressions use a variety of operators to combine smaller expressions to construct similar arithmetic expressions. This S uses a regular expression to perform a word segmentation operation on the initials, such as separating the bolts Is in the initials of the hexagon bolts for searching. Use the regular expression to separate the bolts, nuts, and washers in one operation, and the execution efficiency is very high.

In addition, regular expressions are used to separate the standard numbers and materials that are mixed together in the CIMS database, which is not only easy to retrieve, but also provides data for creating Tribon components. Regular expressions separating standard numbers and materials: Developing WPF interfaces WPF is the next generation display system, and WPF can be used to develop Windows applications with better visual effects.

This item H uses the interface design features of WPF in the following aspects, such as XAML, controls, layout, styles, templates, media, etc., in an effort to give users a better visual experience. The main interface is as shown.

In the Emirates, panel-derived controls such as Grid or StackPanel are used to define the layout of the form, while the sub-elements are small and positioned relative to the panel elements, so that not only can the position and order of other content rendering controls be precisely controlled. And can be flexibly adjusted.

Second, use XAML to develop a resource dictionary file that integrates the colors, brushes, styles, templates, dynamic effects, and other resources needed to design the user interface. Then at the application window object level, the file is imported through the resource dictionary (ResourceDictionary), each resource can be referenced by the corresponding Key by the + control, so the similarly controlled controls have a similar appearance, reflecting that WPF can be shared. The feature of program resources.

User Interface Finally, multimedia is referenced to demonstrate dynamic images of 3D fasteners. The playback of multimedia is controlled by the user. When the user double-clicks the fastener on the left side of the interface, corresponding to different types, different plays will be played. The avi file, using LINQ to manipulate data in a SQL Server database. The SQL Server database operation usually uses a specialized query language SQL, but LINQ across data sources and data formats simplifies this situation. LINQ makes the query a language construct in C, and uses C to write LINQ queries for the SQL Server database, which can manage relational data as objects.

First, the LINQ technology (UNQtoSQL) is used to map the data model of the SQL Server relational database to the object model represented by the project development language C. A LINQtoSQL class that maps to a database table is called an entity class. The individual attributes of the entity class are mapped to the individual columns that make up the table.

The (Object Relational) designer is used to implement the UNQtoSQL functionality described above. The 0/R Designer displays entity classes, associations, and inheritance in a visual form, as well as DataContext methods that map to stored procedures and functions. As shown.

White data connection S table Su stored procedure then through the LINQ query expression and LINQ query method, create a query for these object models, and use the default generated DataContext class contains the information of the connection database and the method of operating the database data, in the entity class Send and receive data with the database to query and update the database.

Finally, using data binding to bind the controls on the form to the entity class, the LINQ query results can be displayed on the form (eg).

Parametric Modeling T "Parametric modeling in the ibon system is our core technology. After several years of evolution, we have now formed a full coverage parametric modeling technology from Volume to Component to Structure. This project inherits the original The AKcsVolume class derives the Blot, Nut, and Washer classes to create bolt, nut, and washer volume models respectively. In the parent class KcsVolume, the method of converting to Component is inherited, so that the subclass can be directly called to generate the Component. After each Component is generated, According to the user's operation, a structure is synthesized. It is worth mentioning that the parametric modeling parameters of the project are not from the user input, but from the CIMS system, which greatly reduces the working environment of the designer input parameters, and also makes new construction. The Component data is absolutely consistent with the CIMS data.

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