What is the difference between single and single SLR?

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In recent years, many manufacturers have introduced single-camera cameras. But as a user who bought the camera for the first time, it was a difficult task. Because the Chinese outsiders just knew what happened to the SLR, and this came out with a single charge. For a time, I didn’t know what was going on in the fog. Today we will talk about the difference between single and single.
Speaking of a single camera, from a brand perspective, it does not refer to the same camera type. For example, Olympus single power refers to a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. For Sony, it is a fixed translucent mirror camera. Similarly, for a mirrorless structure, the camera names of the various brands are different. It looks a bit messy, isn't it? And look at the detailed decomposition.
Many camera names are distinguished by framing. For example, the rangefinder camera is the name of the rangefinder. A single-lens reflex camera is a single-lens reflex camera. As the name suggests, a SLR camera has a replaceable lens and uses a reflector to reflect the view. The dual-lens reflex camera is a two-lens reflex camera. One lens is used for shooting, the lens is used for framing, and the light of the framing lens is reflected to the focusing screen by the reflector.
For a single camera, the naming method nomenclature is also adopted. At present, when it comes to single-camera cameras, in fact, everyone agrees that there is no mirror camera. The mirrorless camera features no mirrors, electronic viewfinder, and a replaceable lens. So single power means a single-lens electronic viewfinder camera.
At present, the cameras that adopt this framing method are: Olympus PEN series single power, Panasonic G series single power, Pentax Q single power, Nikon 1 interchangeable mirror camera, Sony NEX series micro single, Samsung NX series single power, And the Fuji LX single power that has been clearly released. Regardless of how each manufacturer names it, as long as there is no mirror, electronic viewfinder, and a camera with an interchangeable lens is a mirrorless camera, the English name is mirrorless.
It should be noted that single power has different meanings for Sony. Although the Sony NEX series is a mirrorless camera structure, it is called a micro single - miniature single-lens electronic viewfinder camera. Because Sony has its own interpretation of the single-character word - single-lens fixed translucent mirror electronic viewfinder camera.
Sony single power is similar to traditional SLR structure. The difference is that Sony's single-powered reflector is fixed and semi-transparent. This reflector allows a large part of the light to pass through to provide CMOS sensor for viewing and imaging. Light is reflected to the top of the camera to provide focus to the focus module. The sensor converts most of the light into a signal from the electronic viewfinder, allowing us to see live images in the electronic viewfinder.
Therefore, Sony's single power is very different from the single-powered mirror that we usually say, but it is a close relative of the SLR camera. At present, there are no other manufacturers except Sony that have similar products, so for Sony single power, as long as we remember that this is a camera with a SLR-like electronic viewfinder, it is also possible to treat SLR as a SLR.
After explaining the Sony single battery, let's get back to the topic. Because each manufacturer's camera nomenclature for mirrorless structures is very different, it is better to record such cameras as mirrorless cameras. So when it comes to the difference between single and single SLR, what should be said is the difference between a mirrorless camera and a SLR. As for the results of the mirrorless camera, it has been said above, it is better to look at the difference between the two from the actual results.
SLR cameras have mirrors, and mirrorless cameras naturally have no mirrors. The presence or absence of this mirror mainly has the following effects: Since the mirror rebounds and takes time, it is difficult to increase the continuous shooting speed by the mirror. When a mirror is shot, the elevation of the reflector will cause the camera to be unable to view the scene, which makes it difficult to judge the next action of the object when shooting a moving object.
Because of the mirror, it is impossible for the lens to be close to the focal plane, which makes the rear lens design very difficult. Especially for the wide-angle lens design, because of the influence of the reflector, the large rear lens group cannot be designed, so the image and volume are lightly affected. In addition, because of the existence of mirrors, the camera is difficult to design portable, so looking at the SLR camera, it can be said that there is no small.
Because of the reflector, the SLR camera can use an optical viewfinder. A single view without a mirror structure can only use an electronic viewfinder. This difference has the following effects: Since the optical viewfinder requires almost no power supply, the scene can be seen from the viewfinder simply by removing the lens cover, regardless of whether the power is turned on or off. At the same time, the SLR viewfinder is very power-saving, which also makes the entire SLR camera very energy-saving. The mirrorless camera has no advantage over the SLR camera in terms of power consumption because it needs to be viewed with an electronic sensor.
In fact, the most worrying user who buys a single battery is whether the electronic viewfinder is "real time". Because the camera position is often adjusted during framing, if the electronic viewfinder is not "real time", it will be ineffective. This is stress-free for SLRs because optical framing is infinitely "real time". Fortunately, the response time of the single-view viewfinder is very short, and the usage feeling is almost identical to the word "real time".
Many people think that the quality of the SLR is good, and the quality of the single-electric image is slightly worse. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. From the camera structure, a single-camera without a mirror is definitely not better than a single-contrast, and should even be better. Because the mirrorless single camera does not have the elbow of the mirror, the lens design is easier. But it is also reasonable to say that the SLR image quality is better.
This is because the current SLR camera area is also the smallest APS-C format, and because of the accumulation of optical quality for more than a decade, the lens is too numerous to mention. However, in contrast to the single-camera without mirrors, the maximum sensor size is the APS-C format, and the number of lenses of each manufacturer cannot be compared with the number of SLR lenses. If you can achieve a 35mm full-frame sensor and design a high-quality lens, the quality of a mirrorless camera can surpass that of a SLR, but a single-camera needs time to develop.
The structure of the SLR is not designed for video shooting. Therefore, even in the SLR, there is a 5D MARK II filming artifact, but overall the video shooting ability is far less than the single mirrorless. This is mainly reflected by the focus speed when shooting video.
Many SLR cameras do not automatically focus when shooting video, even if they can focus automatically, it is very slow and impractical. The single-cameras without mirrors are almost all masters of video shooting, especially the autofocus speed, which is not much different from DV. This is why many manufacturers' single-camera cameras are beginning to take the audio and video entertainment route.

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