LED "Upgrade" as the New Pillar Industry in Guangdong

The 5th China LED Industry Billboard Awards Ceremony was held in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. Gu Shirong, Director of the Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center (GSC) and Dean of Guangdong Gaozhi Emerging Industrial Development Institute, said in a keynote address that the LED industry has become a new pillar industry in Guangdong Province.

Miao Shirong introduced that in November last year, the Guangdong Provincial Government issued the "Guangdong Provincial System to Advance a Comprehensive Innovation Reform Pilot Action Plan." The primary task of the plan is to build a new industrial system, in which semiconductor lighting and other industries have been “upgraded” into new pillar industries. From the background, this is March 2010, and listed the semiconductor lighting industry as a key development in Guangdong Province. Since the major strategic emerging industries, the provincial government has made the first shift in the positioning of the LED industry.

Yu Shirong said that from emerging industries to new pillar industries, this reflects the provincial party committee and provincial government's recognition of the rapid development of the LED industry in recent years, and also reflects the plans and expectations of the provincial government and the provincial government for the continued development and growth of the LED industry. .

Speaking of the status quo and future development of the LED industry, Zhai Shirong said that after the LED industry experienced price increases, production expansion, M&A, and environmental impact in 2016, drastic changes were taking place. In 2016, lighting companies are looking for their own high-margin subdivision "Blue Ocean" market and special application areas, such as plant lighting, smart lighting, automotive LED, UV LED and IR LED, etc., take a differentiated route to avoid the blue LED " Red Sea" competition.

As far as the LED lighting environment is concerned, the entire industry is sticking to the transition and is the only way. According to this, he predicts that in 2017, the overall LED industry in the cycle of rising prices and rising prices, some SMEs that are not competitive will gradually be eliminated from the market. Future orders will gradually be concentrated in various large companies, and the phenomenon of Evergrande in the LED industry will become more apparent.

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