How to install floor heating

In the cold winter, people will use floor heating to provide heat so that people can comfortably spend the cold winter and make the indoor temperature more pleasant. It is a covert project to install floor heating under the floor, so people should pay special attention. The following Xiao Bian introduced to you how to install warm and what are the advantages of warm.

How to install the floor heating

First: Before installing the floor heating, we must first make some preparations, such as: the configuration of materials, the classification of floor heating pipes. If the central heating, then you can choose high-temperature PB pipe, independent heating suitable for PERT oxygen resistance, etc., the water separator conditions can choose intelligent. To do this, the installation of floor heating is completed in half.

Second: The installation process of the floor heating can be based on: design of the project → material approach → fixed installation of the water separator → connection of the supervisor → laying of the insulation layer, reflective film → floor heating coil → connection of the water separator → buried pipe laying according to the construction drawing → Corner expansion joint installation → Intermediate acceptance (heated by floor heating pipe) → Qualified back gravel after backfill construction → Backfilling completed (secondary pressure test) → Overall system commissioning. To do this, the installation of floor heating has been basically completed.

Third: When installing the floor heating, it is necessary to pay attention to the need for independent heating users to install the flue installation before installing the gas boiler, so that it is convenient for future maintenance and try to avoid increasing the extension pipe. Before the installation of the floor heating, the hydropower reform workers should walk along the corners, or perform ground slotting.

What are the advantages of warmth

1. Comfort and hygiene: Floor heating is the most comfortable heating method. It can make indoor landmarks even and give people a good feeling of cold feet. It will not cause pollution, make indoor air clean, improve blood circulation and promote metabolism.

2, to save space, beautify the room: You can increase the use of area, convenient decoration and home layout, reducing the health corner.

3. High-efficiency and energy-saving: The floor heating can concentrate the heat together in the area. In the process of transmission, the heat loss is small. The low-temperature ground radiation heating can implement stratification, household splitting and sub-room control. The user can control according to the situation and effectively save energy.

4, good thermal stability: good stability in geothermal heating, under the conditions of intermittent heating, indoor temperature changes are relatively slow.

5, low operating costs: floor heating is more energy efficient, you can use low-temperature hot water, reduce operating costs, save electricity.

6, long service life: to warm the plastic pipe buried in the ground, will not corrosion, stability is better, no one for the destruction of the case, the service life and building synchronization, can be a good saving replacement costs.

Editor's summary: What are the advantages of installing and warming the floor heating is introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

To warm the floor warm floor warm floor heating how to install

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