What is the price of ordinary rosewood bracelets? I didn’t spend money on it.

Faced with a wide variety of rosewood bracelets on the market, some prices are only a few hundred, and some have reached tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. For this situation, ordinary consumers are generally confused. Is there a fixed standard for the price of the rosewood bracelet? Today, Xiaobian takes you to see what

The first type is the beads made of ordinary rosewood trim. The colors are different and the texture is not the same. This kind of bracelet has no overall beauty, and the value is not high. The general price on the market ranges from 300-1000 yuan.

The second type is the same material, but there is basically no rosewood bracelet in the grain. Although this is the rosewood companion, but the iconic aesthetic pattern of rosewood is missing, the price is naturally not up, the price is 600- 2,000 yuan.

The third type is the rosewood bracelet with grain, which is generally expressed as water ripple, tiger skin, landscape, etc. The texture and oiliness are also available, and the price generally ranges from 2000-5000 yuan. This type of bracelet is still relatively common. The focus is on oil picking, good density, and small brown eyes. If you have a grain, personal preference is the most important thing.

The fourth type is the rosewood purple pear, the general price of the grain is about 5,000 yuan, the grain is good at 6000-20000 yuan, and the price with the ghost eye is higher." These two kinds are in the rosewood bracelet. Can be considered high-end.

The fifth type is the most talked about ghost eyes or grimace bracelets on the market. At present, the price of ordinary ghost eyes is between 10,000 and 30,000 yuan, and the neat and consistent pair of ghost eye bracelets is currently at an astonishing price. They are all 30,000 yuan, and they are not capped.

The sixth category is also an extremely rare species, scorpion, yellower or sea yellow scorpion. The price is between 15,000 and 80,000 yuan. It seems that the top rosewood bracelets can really make anyone enchant!

The price of the ordinary rosewood bracelet is introduced here first. For more information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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