Pure iron grade, pure iron use, pure iron coercivity value?

Taiyuan Yaoqiang Iron Co., Ltd. provides pure electromagnetic iron with a purity above 99.5%. The industrial pure iron used as a soft magnetic material is called electromagnetic pure iron, also called pure iron or electrical steel.
Question: What is a soft magnetic material?
Soft magnetic material refers to a magnetic material having a low coercive force and a high magnetic permeability. Soft magnetic materials are easy to magnetize and are easy to demagnetize. They are widely used in electrical equipment and electronic equipment. Typical soft magnetic materials can achieve the maximum magnetization with the smallest external magnetic field. The most widely used soft magnetic materials are ferrosilicon (silicon steel) and various ferrites.

Question: What is industrial pure iron?
Industrial pure iron is a kind of steel, its chemical composition is mainly iron, content is 99.50%~99.90%, carbon content is less than 0.04%, the less the other elements, the better. Because it is not actually pure iron (purity 99.90% ~ 99.95%), so this kind of steel that is close to pure iron is industrial pure iron.

Industrial pure iron is soft, tough, and has good electromagnetic properties. Commonly there are two uses, one is as a deep-drawing material, can be stamped into a very complex shape; the other is as electromagnetic material, electromagnetic iron. The amount of electromagnetic pure iron in industrial pure iron is the largest, accounting for about 80%.

Electromagnetic iron has high magnetic and low magnetic properties. Widely used in electronic electrician, electrical components, magnetic materials, amorphous products, relays, sensors, automotive brakes, textile machinery, electromagnetic valve and other products. Its melting point is higher than that of iron, it is harder to rust than iron in humid air, and it can be passivated in cold concentrated sulfuric acid.

Question: The chemical composition of electromagnetic iron?
In terms of electromagnetic performance alone, the higher the purity, the better the electromagnetic performance. However, the preparation of high-purity iron is complex and costly. The solution for electromagnetic pure iron is that aluminum silicon is often added in the smelting to weaken the adverse effects of other impurities on the magnetic properties.

Electrochemical pure iron chemical composition reference values ​​are shown in the following table.
DT4, DT4A,
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0351-3399777 ≤0.010 ≤0.10 ≤0.25 ≤0.015 ≤0.010
&nbsp0.20~0.80 ≤0.02 ≤0.10 ≤0.05 ≤0.05
Remarks: The grades consist of the sequence of Pinyin “DT”, sequence number and magnetic grade symbol (A is advanced, E is special grade, and C is super) of “Electricity”. There are DT3 and DT3A grades in the old national standard of 86th edition. The new version of GB/T 6983-2008 has been cancelled and the above data is from the new edition.
Question: How to determine the grade of electromagnetic pure iron?
Unlike other steels, the chemical composition of electromagnetic iron is only a reference and not an acceptance condition. The magnetic inspection of electromagnetic pure iron products usually only detects the coercive force (Hc), and determines the grade based on the coercive force value.

Magnetic examination of electromagnetic pure iron (GB/T 6983-2008)
Magnetic Grade Normal Grade Premium Super Grade &nbspDT4&nbspDT4A&nbspDT4E&nbspDT4C
Hc/(A/m) ≤ 96.0 ≤ 72.0 ≤ 48.0 ≤ 32.0
Coercive force increment ΔHc/(A/m) ≤ 9.6 ≤ 7.2 ≤ 4.8 ≤ 4.0
The maximum magnetic permeability μm/(H/m) ≥0.0075 ≥0.0088 ≥0.0113 ≥0.0151
Magnetic induction
B/T&nbspB200 ≥1.20
&nbspB300 ≥1.30
&nbspB500 ≥1.40
&nbspB1000 ≥1.50
&nbspB2500 ≥1.62
&nbspB5000 ≥1.71
&nbspB10000 ≥1.80
Note: B200... B10000 refers to the magnetic induction when the magnetic field strength is 200A/m...10000A/m.
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Expanded wire mesh is a variety in the metal screen industry. Also known as metal mesh, Diamond Mesh, iron mesh, metal expanded mesh, heavy steel mesh, foot mesh, punched aluminum sheet mesh, stainless steel mesh, granary mesh, antenna mesh, filter mesh, audio mesh, etc.
Short Pitch (SWM): The length of a short rhombus diagonal from the center of the node to the center of the node.
Long Pitch (LWM): The length of the long rhombic diagonal from the center of the node to the center of the node.
Short pitch (inner hole) (SWD): the length of the diagonal of the short rhombus hole (as shown)
Long Pitch (Inner Hole) (LWD): The length of the diagonal of the long diamond hole. (Pictured)
Strand: The edge of the diamond mesh hole of the expanded metal (as shown in the figure). The width of the stem is the length of the metal plate used to make a wire stem.
Bond: The junction of two silk stalks.
Thickness: The thickness of the original steel sheet.
Roll: A rolled wire mesh that indicates a specific length and width.
Mesh: A steel mesh that indicates a specific length and width
Weaving and characteristics
It is made of steel sheet through stamping and stretching; it is divided into expanded metal mesh and stainless steel expanded metal mesh; beautiful and elegant, durable.
Surface treatment
PVC dip (plastic spray, plastic coated), hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, anodized (aluminum sheet), spray anti-rust paint, etc
Anti-rust method
First, add some rare elements in ordinary steel to change the internal structure of the metal.
Second, cover the metal surface with a protective layer to isolate the surrounding corrosive medium, thereby preventing the anti-corrosion effect. For example: the surface of the expanded metal is coated with oil, vaseline, paint or covered with non-corrosive non-metallic materials such as enamel, pvc, etc .; the surface of the expanded steel is plated with zinc, chromium, nickel, etc. ; Use chemical methods to form a fine and stable oxide film on the surface of steel. For example, a thin black iron oxide film is formed on the surface of steel parts such as machine parts and guns.
Third, often wipe metal equipment or place desiccants in precision instruments and add a small amount of corrosion inhibitors that can slow down the corrosion rate in corrosive media.

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