What is indoor green paint interior environmental protection paint buying skills

At present, the interior environmental protection paint has become the development goal of the building materials industry. Many paint production enterprises upgrade the production standards, carry out technological innovations, and eliminate the addition of chemical raw materials. Due to the prevailing coating industry, indoor environmental protection paints must be the product of choice for home decoration. The following small series for everyone to introduce what is the indoor environmental protection paint and indoor environmental protection paint to buy skills.

What is indoor green paint

Indoor environmental protection paints must meet the technical requirements set forth by the national environmental labeling products. In general, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances will be present in the paint, which will have a certain impact on human health. Experts on indoor environmental paint have divided it into three levels. The total organic volatilization of the first layer of paint, organic volatiles pose a direct hazard to the environment, society and the human body; the second level is the toxicity of solvents, which can cause the disease after the human exposure or inhalation; third The level is the user's safety problem. After the paint is dry, the solvent can basically play off but it also needs a process, especially the room-temperature curing paint, and some of the solvent volatilize very slowly. Although the amount of these solvents is not large, but the user is long. In time of exposure, if the solvent is toxic, it can also cause harm to human health.

Indoor Green Paint Buying Tips

1, see the paint surface

After the interior environmental paint is stirred, the texture is thick, crystal clear and transparent; the high-quality indoor environmental protection paint drips into a straight line, continuous; while the poor quality indoor environmental protection paint drips intermittently, and there is agglomeration phenomenon.

2, smell

High-quality indoor green paint smells mild and elegant; poor quality green paint emits a strong pungent odor, and some inferior paints add spices to impersonate green paint, but the smell is still flushed.

3, see certification

Regular indoor environmental protection paints will have relevant certificates for international inspection reports, and paint outer barrels also have corresponding 3C quality certifications. So when you buy paint, you can ask the merchant to show the corresponding certificate. In addition, you can also see the VOC content, paint brand, paint packaging and other aspects to distinguish, in order to buy environmentally friendly building materials.

Editor's summary: What is the indoor environmental protection paint and indoor environmental protection paint purchase techniques are introduced here and hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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