Application of bolt sealing paint in actual production

The head is an important component of the pressure vessel. The forming process is generally divided into a cold process and a hot process. The cold process is divided into cold stamping and cold spinning. The hot process is divided into hot stamping and hot spinning, but no matter how it is formed, The manufacturing process involves productivity improvements and raw material savings.

2 Improvement of the manufacturing process of the pressure vessel head The closed tank used in the biogas slag extracting machine produced by our company is a low-pressure container, and the container head is non-orthogonal. As shown, the welding method is a lap joint structure. Due to the heavy weight of the single head, the work intensity is high, the work efficiency is low, and the production progress is affected; the raw materials are wasted more. After research and practice, it explores a way to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and save raw materials.

The raw material of the head is 4mm thick Q235 steel plate. The production is made by stretching the drawing die and is formed together with the pressing drum process. The original process is: cutting (shearing machine) stretching, pressing drum (press)-> Cutting edge (plasma cutting), the size of the blanking is: 1250x880, and the shape after molding is as shown. Due to the weight of a single piece, it is necessary to go through more than 3 times of repeated turnover and feeding, which is labor intensive and takes up a lot of people.

After exploration, the forming of the part is changed from shallow drawing to direct turning. The blanking ring is eliminated, and the original mold can be modified slightly. The process is changed from 3 to 2, and the changed process is: Material (profiling or laser cutting machine) flanging, pressing drum (press). After many modifications and verifications, the material is produced according to the shape and size of the finished material. As shown, the blanking process margin during the drawing is reduced, and the minimum raw material saving is 2. 21kg per piece; the production process is reduced by 3 channels. It is two lanes, which reduces the labor intensity of one handling and loading and unloading, reduces the staff of cutting edges, and improves production efficiency.

3 The actual application after the improvement of the manufacturing process is improved by the manufacturing process. The processed head and the can body (cylinder) are better welded, the peripheral gap is basically uniform and the gap is small, no longer used as before. The hammer is beaten many times, and the weld seam is formed well after welding, which greatly improves the welding quality and production efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity.

With the rapid development of technology and equipment, timely application of modern and highly automated machinery and equipment can change some old processes. By adopting new technologies, it can reduce the dependence on employees, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, and reduce labor intensity. ,Increase productivity.

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