Second-hand house brushing steps second-hand housing brushing notes

Many people will refurbish the walls once they have lived in the house for a long time. Let the house re-release luster. So how much do you know about the steps and operations of second-hand housing renovation and renovation? Here's a look at the procedures and related precautions for second-hand house painting .

Second-hand house brushing steps

A: Primary processing

The first thing to do is to clean the walls of the walls, or to quickly remove them, and remedy them with cement mortar. If there is a crack, you can use kraft paper tape and white latex to cover the crack. If the wall is a light wall or insulation wall and other non-load-bearing walls need to be patched, try to choose a better texture of the wall cloth and white latex or mesh cloth, mesh cloth relative to the crack prevention effect will be a little better.

Two: brush interface agent

Brush interface agent, interface agent has a strong bond to the base layer, so you can avoid emptying the plaster layer, the phenomenon of shelling, instead of artificial chisel processing, saving time and effort. When brushing the interface agent, be sure to brush evenly.

Three: Wall leveling

If the wall surface is uneven, you need to level the wall. If it is uneven, you can use the plaster to level the wall. The error of the wall does not exceed 3mm. If the yin and yang angles are not straight, it is also necessary to use plastering plaster and straighten it with a ruler.

Four: batch scraping

Putty powder to choose PuTTY powder particle fineness is relatively high there is a hard texture putty, according to the degree of the wall in the home brush two to three times. The first pass is generally thicker because it involves leveling the issue. The second and third time will be thinner, mainly to close the light, so that the wall looks smoother and smoother. After three batches are finished, the thickness of the putty cannot exceed 3mm, otherwise it is easy to crack.

Five: Brush primer

The primer must be evenly brushed, and make sure that every part of the wall is brushed. If the amount of paint on the wall is large, it is best to add a little amount of water to the primer to ensure even brushing.

Second-hand housing brushing matters needing attention

In normal circumstances, the total room brushing area (including the ceiling) = 3.5 × room use area. The amount of paint can then be calculated by dividing the total brushing area by the theoretical brushing rate per liter of the product.

The choice of primer is very important. It plays a role in uniforming the looseness of the substrate on the wall, improving the coating rate of the topcoat, and saving the topcoat. The primer is much cheaper than the topcoat, which in turn will cost less. . Secondly, brushing one side of the primer can help the top coat to increase the fullness of the paint film, making people feel fuller and more textured.

In order to obtain the ideal paint film, it is necessary to control the dilution ratio, up to no more than 30%, otherwise the paint film is too thin to ensure product performance and final results.

These are steps small to give us second-hand housing the painting, painting second-hand housing considerations. I believe that the above content will have more or less understanding, I hope this article can help you. If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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