[Integrated] Thanks to the labor insurance shoes

"If I don't have this pair of labor insurance shoes, my foot will be wasted." On the evening of June 15, the Zhang Minyi, the driver responsible for feeding the No. 3 Oil Extraction Plant of the Northwest Petroleum Bureau, went to the dormitory.

"What's the matter??" The roommates cried out and gathered around to ask questions.

“You see, the three supporting steel plates at the tips of the shoes break one, and if the other two are stubbornly supported, my foot is smashed.” Zhang Ming handed a shoe that had just been taken off. To everyone, the roommates pressed their shoes with their hands, and it was true.

It turned out that on the first day of work, Zhang Ming received the task of sending and replacing wellhead manifold materials to the TK136 well. He quickly put on his work clothes.

"Stop and look at your shoes!" Suddenly, the squad leader shouted and let him step back to his feet.

"Squad leader, labor insurance shoes are too heavy, driving is not convenient, to the scene I pay more attention to points on the line." Zhang Ming look at their own black shoes said, "This pair of shoes is very thick, but also play a protective role."

"We can't afford to wear safety shoes again. We must change them. Safety standards must be put in place!" said the squad leader firmly.

"Isn't it all shoes? How different is the difference?" Zhang Ming-hung said, not convinced.

"Hey, you know nothing about the four major roles of protective footwear! Do you know? The protective shoes have an arched steel plate at the tip to resist heavy objects. The bottom of the protective shoes has teeth to prevent slipping. The use of anti-static, acid-alkaline materials for labor insurance leather shoes can prevent static electricity and corrosion." See Zhang Ming's attitude towards safety, the squad leader's fire kept smashing, and he spoke four lines.

"Sure, I can't change it down yet?" Despite the squad leader's enthusiasm, Zhang Ming was still a bit inconvenient and reluctantly put on the work shoes.

On the same day, after Zhang Ming sent the goods to the site, the construction workers began unloading. Seeing that the three young guys were struggling with the fulcrum, they stepped forward and took the handle. Unexpectedly, the squadron fell on the right foot that he had not escaped in time. "Yes, if it weren't for the safety of the safety shoes, this foot was really abolished." The construction staff sighed after Zhang Ming's feet were removed.

"Thank you to the squad leader. If it wasn't for your love for me, I wouldn't be able to drive forever in my life." At the security analysis meeting that night, Zhang Ming deeply bowed to the squad leader. (Northwest Oilfield Ma Jinglin)

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