Analysis of several advantages and disadvantages of injection molding process

The hollow plastic products produced by the injection molding process have the following advantages compared with the hollow plastic products of the extrusion process:

1The plastic bottle is molded from raw material to finished product at a high degree of automation. It does not require manual secondary processing, saves labor, and is hygienic and meets the GMP requirements of medical packaging. It is especially suitable for the production of medicine bottles.

2 The appearance of the product is beautiful, the size of the bottle mouth is correct, and the weight of the plastic bottle is stable.

3 The plastic product is made by one-time injection molding of the injection type embryo, and the bottle mouth and the bottom of the bottle have no waste, and the bottle mouth has a good flat sealing performance.

4 is suitable for the production of high-grade and exquisite plastic hollow products, such as cosmetic bottles, baby bottles, space cups, light balls and so on.

The injection blowing process has several disadvantages compared to the extrusion process:

1 The process is complicated, and the mold processing is difficult and difficult to grasp.

2 There are many mold parts, and the production and processing cycle is long and the cost is high.

3 is not suitable for multi-variety, small batch products.

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