[accidents] men's high-altitude operations without a safety rope falling from the fourth floor of the body and multiple fractures


At about 3 pm yesterday (July 1), a repairman of Tongliang inadvertently fell from the outside of the balcony when a maintenance worker at the fourth floor of the Jinquan Supermarket in Beimen repaired the air conditioner. As there was no safety rope, the man fell directly from the fourth floor to the sidewalk. It is understood that the man is currently being treated in the intensive care unit of the Tongliang District People's Hospital, with multiple fractures throughout his body.

The first eye of Xiao Bian said something: Casualties caused by high-altitude operations without a safety rope are not uncommon. Some workers may have skillful skills and can operate freely without a safety rope. However, life will never be a joke with you. The accident will happen suddenly. between. Therefore, when citizens are engaged in outdoor work at high altitude, they must take measures such as safety ropes to avoid accidents!

(First Eye - Chongqing Broadcasting Specialist He Yuanyu)


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