Drainage of common vacuum cleaners and solutions

Nowadays vacuum cleaners have generally entered our lives. Whether it is home or factory, we are already familiar with the use of vacuum cleaners. In the process of using vacuum cleaners, are you more or less confronted with simple but difficult problems? ? In the hot summer days, due to the weather, the vacuum cleaner will inevitably be hot, and it is necessary to pay reasonable attention to maintenance. Today we are talking about the common problems in the use of vacuum cleaners.
Is the machine not suctioned during operation?
The elimination method determines that the vacuum cleaner is in an electromechanically separated state;
Check whether the dust bucket is filled with garbage or hair;
If there is a phenomenon that the dust bucket is full, clean the dust collection chamber;
Check the filter of the vacuum cleaner for clogging;
Maintenance steps thoroughly clean the filter and ensure the smoothness of the filter.
Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner and check the patency of the hose;
If there is a clogged foreign body in the hose, it should be immediately cleared and the hose should be restored;
Place the vacuum cleaner in a cool, ventilated environment to allow it to cool naturally;
After a period of time, the vacuum cleaner is recommended to stop for a while. It is a normal phenomenon that the high-speed motor is overheated after long-term use.
After cleaning the household garbage with a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to perform a "cleaning" of the vacuum cleaner to avoid clogging of the machine.

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