Rectangular living room decoration design rectangular living room decoration design notice

When we decorate the house, we will choose different styles for comparison. We need to decorate according to the time of our house, but we don't understand the decoration design very well, so we are very embarrassed in choosing the design method, we don't know which one. Kind of style is better, how should we design for the rectangular living room? Today, let's take a look at the rectangular living room decoration design and precautions with the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian!


Rectangular small apartment decoration design 1

If the living room in your home is relatively long and narrow, you need to choose a long type in your choice of furniture, which will make the hall look more spacious. If you choose a round piece of furniture, it is easy to block a part of the line of sight. You can also choose some versatile furniture, such as a coffee table with a storage function, so that you can collect scattered items such as books, children's toys or remote control machines, which can also leave more space for the hall.

Rectangular small apartment decoration design 2

The choice of soft design is also very important, we can choose the same color of soft, or uniform light color. This will make the light in the hall brighter. But we must not use rectangular living room decorative mirror too much, so easy to feel tension and discomfort, but moderate use and a small amount of embellishment can play a role to enhance the sense of space.

Rectangular small apartment decoration design 3

If the living room is long and narrow, then the space can be partitioned, so that the design can be divided into two, which can provide more space. But we should pay attention to avoid using hard partitions when making partitions. First, it will increase the thickness of the living room, but it is not very convenient to use. Soft partitions such as curtains and bead curtains can also function to separate the functional areas.


Long rectangular small apartment decoration 4

The auxiliary of the light is very important for a home, but we need to choose the lighting for the small rectangular apartment, to avoid being overwhelmed. Don't be too glaring, the lights should not be too complicated and simple.

Rectangular small apartment decoration design 5

Soft division: This method is a common partitioning method in home decoration. When dividing each functional partition, the designer does not rigidly separate it from other spaces, but instead uses a "hinting" approach to distinguish between functional partitions.

Rectangular small apartment decoration design 6

Distinguish with special furniture: Since each functional partition has a fixed main function, it also has its own special furniture. Such as the sofa, audio-visual cabinet in the reception area, dining table and chairs in the dining area, shoe cabinets in the foyer, and reading glasses. These unique furniture can also play a role in dividing the area.

There is still a certain restraint in the decoration of the rectangular living room, but we have to make a reasonable arrangement for the home. You can create a style that is not unique. The above is the rectangular living room decoration design briefing introduced to you today. It is over here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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