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Industrial bearing protection, overhaul, smooth, device

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In order to maintain the original function of the bearing in an outstanding condition for as long as possible; it must be protected, repaired, and prevented from accidents; ensure the reliability of work; improve productivity and economy. Work specifications for protecting the most appropriate mechanical working conditions Timed. The content includes supervision of working conditions, compensation or replacement of smoothing agents, and timely disassembly. As a maintenance item in the work; there are bearing rotation, oscillation, temperature, smoothing agent, etc.
Removal of the bearing: When disassembling the lower bearing for inspection; first record the appearance of the bearing; acknowledge the residual amount of the smoothing agent; after sampling to see the smoothing agent; wash the bearing. As a scavenger; usually use gasoline, fire oil.
Removal of the removed bearing; coarse removal and fine removal; do not leave in the container; first put the bottom of the metal mesh; make the bearing not touch the dirt of the container. When the coarse removal; if the bearing is dirty Rotation; will damage the rolling surface of the bearing; should be paid attention to. In the rough removal of oil; use brush to remove the smooth grease, adhesive; roughly clean; turn into the fine wash.
Fine washing; the bearing is rotated while removing the oil; while carefully cleaning. Others; always clear the oil.
Inspection and discriminating of bearings: In order to judge whether the disassembled bearing can be used; to check after the bearing is cleaned. View the raceway surface, the rolling surface, the condition of the cooperation surface, the wear condition of the support frame, and the addition of the bearing clearance. And damage with irrelevant scale accuracy; abnormal. Non-displacement small ball bearings; use one hand to support the inner ring horizontal; rotating outer ring to recognize whether it can flow.
Tapered roller bearings and other separate bearings; can be viewed on the rolling surface of the roll and outer ring.
Large bearings can not be rotated by hand; pay attention to the appearance of the rolling body, raceway surface, holding frame, rib surface, etc.; the higher the importance of the bearing, the more stable it is necessary to view.
The intention of the bearing is smooth:
The smooth intention of the rolling bearing is to reduce the internal conflict and wear of the bearing; to avoid burning, its smoothing effect is as follows.
.1), reduce conflict and wear and tear.
The ferrules, the tumbler and the holder that make up the bearing touch each other; avoid metal touch; reduce conflict and wear.
.2), extended fatigue life.
The tumbling fatigue life of the bearing; in the rotation; the rolling touch surface is smooth and outstanding; then extending. Conversely; the oil viscosity is low; the smooth oil film thickness is not good;
.3), discharge conflict heat, cooling.
Circulating oil supply method can discharge heat caused by conflicts with oil; or heat from outside; cooling. Avoid bearing overheating; avoid aging of smooth oil itself.
.4) Others also prevent foreign matter from intruding into the bearing; or avoid rust and corrosion. Smooth method:
The smooth method of the bearing; it is divided into smooth grease and smooth oil. In order to make the bearing perform well, first; to choose the appropriate application conditions, the application of the smooth method. If only thinking smooth; oil smooth smoothness is dominant. The grease is smooth and has the expertise to simplify the layout around the bearing; it compares the smoothness of the grease with the smoothness of the oil.
Bearing device:
Whether the bearing device is correct; affects the accuracy, life, and function. Therefore, the device for drawing and assembling part of the bearing should be fully studied. It is expected to be installed according to the operating specifications. The working specifications are usually as follows:
.1), remove the bearing and bearing components,
.2), to view the dimensions and finishing conditions of the dry components,
.3), device,
.4), after viewing the bearing, check
.5), supply smoothing agent.
It is expected to be in front of the device; just open the bearing package. Usually the smooth grease is smooth; not cleaned; directly filled with smooth grease. Smooth oil is smooth; usually does not need to be removed; however; for instruments or high-speed bearings, etc.; to be cleaned with clean oil Clean; remove the anti-rust agent coated on the bearing. Remove the bearing of the anti-rust agent; easy to rust; so can not be placed regardless. In addition; the bearing has been sealed with smooth grease;
Bearing device method; due to bearing layout, cooperation, conditions; usually; because most of the shaft rotation; so the inner ring demand interference cooperation. Cylindrical hole bearings; multi-use presses; or more hot-packing method. Cone hole Occasionally; directly on the taper shaft; or with a sleeve device.
When the device is to the outer casing; usually the clearance cooperation is more; the outer ring has the interference; it is usually pressed by the press; or there is also the cold shrinking cooperation method of the cooling device. The dry ice is used as the coolant; the cold shrinking cooperation device; the air The moisture in the water will condense on the outer surface of the bearing. Therefore, the appropriate anti-rust method is required.
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