Renovation of the house detailed steps to analyze the decoration of the house precautions

The decoration is not so familiar to us, but if we buy a new house, we must understand the process of decorating the house, because the decoration is not so simple, it has a lot of details that we need to personally, if You are also a landlord who needs to renovate the house. If you want to know the detailed steps of decorating the house , let's take a look at the small series of the decoration home network.


First, the detailed steps to decorate the house

1. Before you decorate, you must first measure the data on the house, and then do the decoration design. Consider the functionality and aesthetics of each room. You can find professional personnel to help design and check.

2. Before the formal renovation and construction, the main part should be demolished. According to the design drawings, all the infill walls, doors and windows, water and electricity pipes that need to be removed should be removed, and then the construction site frame should be set up.

3, the first step of the renovation project must be to do hydropower transformation, because many pipes and circuit pipes will buy walls and underground, so if you do not want to do this step, it will lead to subsequent rework.

4. At the same time as the hydropower transformation, you can talk about the woodwork, please go to the site, measure the riser, decorative ceiling, plaster line and other data and start production. These will be used later, you can prepare in advance, so that the construction period will be shortened.

5, now tiling, the kitchen, the door stone, window sills and other places that need to be paved with wall tiles. The floor drain of the kitchen, bathroom and balcony should be installed first and leaked. A cooker hood should be installed after the kitchen is tiled.

6. Now deal with the wall without wall tiles, want to be the base layer, and then brush the finish. If you want to do wallpaper, then only the base layer can be processed.

7. Now install the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom. The exhaust fan, Yuba and ceiling lamp should also be installed at this time. The kitchen cabinets can be installed after the above is completed.

8. Now install the doors of each room. After the installation is complete, lay the wooden floor, and then paste the wallpaper.

9. At this step, you can install various electrical equipment. If you want to install the radiator, you should do it after completing the wallpaper. Install the radiator and install the hardware ware.

10. After the decoration is completed, it is necessary to clean it before installing curtains and moving into furniture appliances.


Second, the considerations for the decoration of the house

1. Preparation before the renovation is a very important process. It is necessary to do a good job of budgeting the room, carefully select the decoration company, review the decoration design plan in detail, and communicate with the designer in these four steps to work smoothly during the renovation.

2. When using a large number of wood products in the kitchen, attention should be paid to the improvement of the ventilation and air exchange system of the kitchen to avoid the long-term accumulation of water vapor on the floor and the wall surface, so that the wood products are cracked and even rotted.

3, the use of the kitchen should be moderate, too large is undoubtedly waste, and too small is crowded, reasonable area should generally be about 10 square meters. Also ensure natural light and reasonable ventilation of the kitchen space. If the kitchen is large enough, a small dining table can be placed, so that it can be used as a dining room. There is no need to use another space as a dining room, and a carpet can be placed under the dining table to separate the space. If the kitchen area is small, you should pay attention to storage.

4. Reasonable use of the inset storage space on the bathroom wall should not be discarded. The tile is very beautiful and very beautiful. Can act as a storage.

5, the slope of the bathroom floor should be considered before paving the brick, according to the national standard slope can not achieve the effect of rapid drainage, it is recommended to set the slope slightly higher than the international slope, will help drainage.

The decoration is not to say that it is lost to the construction team. There are too many things that we need to know. Every detail in the room must be understood by our owners. The house decoration process introduced by the above small series is also known. I hope that I will help you when I am building the house in the future. If you still want to know more about decoration consultation, continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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