GO Jiaju teaches you how to choose furniture colors so that emotions and colors are in love

Living room furniture color selection guide

In the matching of furniture colors, the living room should be light rose red or light fuchsia, because it is the most "happy" living room color, it will make people feel comfortable when entering the living room, or add a little emerald turquoise blue It will be even better.

Dining room furniture color selection guide

For restaurants, the color of the furniture is best to match the color of the land, such as brownish yellow, brown, and apricot, but also the color close to light coral red is more suitable, because such a color can increase the appetite of the person. Can give people a calm and soft feeling. However, if the restaurant uses gray, purple, or turquoise, it will make people appetite, and these colors should be avoided as much as possible.

Kitchen color selection strategy of kitchen furniture

In the color matching of kitchen furniture, bright red, yellow, blue and green are all happy kitchen colors, and the more colors in the kitchen, the housewife will feel that the time is easier to pass, and the lighter it will be. Blue is light and gives a refreshing feeling. The milky white kitchen looks cleaner, but do n’t let the green kitchen furniture appear together, it will be particularly appetizing.

Bedroom furniture color selection guide

The color of the furniture is matched with the choice of bedroom furniture. Light green or light pink will make people feel warm in spring, suitable for colder environments, and light blue is reminiscent of the ocean, which makes people calm and relax.

Bathroom furniture color selection guide

The color matching of the bathroom furniture, the use of light pink or nearly flesh-colored colors can make you feel relaxed and happy. But be careful not to choose green, to avoid the light reflected from the wall, it will make people feel like a dish when looking in the mirror, resulting in unhappy mood.

Study of furniture color selection guide

The color of the study room furniture should be brown, gold, purple or natural wood. These colors will give people a mild and comfortable feeling. If you add a little green embellishment, you will feel more relaxed.

Home color selection guide for children's room furniture from 0 to 3 years old

Children from 0 to 3 years old, use strong solid colors for furniture color matching, which is conducive to children's awareness of their surroundings

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