[What brand of tool kit is good] What brand of basic repair tool kit is good? How much is the basic repair kit?

There is a set of spare household tools at home that can solve some of the small problems encountered in daily life. Hardware tools refer to the general name of various metal devices manufactured by physical processing such as iron, steel, aluminum and other metals through forging, calendering, and cutting. Some rich household basic repair tool sets also include hacksaws, paper knives, test pencils, allen wrenches, pipe wrenches, etc. So what brand of basic repair tool sets are good? How much does the basic repair tool kit cost?

What brand of basic maintenance tool kit is good?

1. SATA Star Basic Repair Tool Set

At present, SATA Star provides seven categories of products with professional hand tools, electrical and electronic tools, car repair tools, tire repair equipment, pneumatic tools, hydraulic lifting tools, personal safety protection products for the Chinese market, with more than 3,000 specifications. Its tool products are widely used in the production line production, equipment maintenance and repair, automobile maintenance and industrial installation and construction of industrial and mining enterprises.

2. STANLEY Stanley basic repair tool set

Stanley Hardware Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Stanley STANLEY, the top ten brands of hand tools, started in 1843, the United States Stanley Black & Decker Company, the world's tool experts, the world's largest manufacturer of fastening tools.

3. YATO basic maintenance tool set

The top ten brands of hand tools, high-quality tool brands from Europe, high-quality tool brands under the TOYA Group, are mainly engaged in hand tools and power tools, and enjoy a high reputation in the world of manufacturers and distributors.

4. JETECH basic maintenance tool set

Shanghai Jieke Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It is a well-known hand tool brand, which mainly promotes screwdrivers, internal hexagons and other major products. It is a tool manufacturing enterprise integrating product design, production, packaging, quality inspection and sales.

Hardware tools can be divided into tool hardware, construction hardware, daily hardware, locks and abrasives, kitchen and bathroom hardware, home hardware and hardware parts. I believe that with the support and help of modern technology, the development of hardware tools has been further improved. When purchasing and selecting products, users will always choose products through comparison and suggestions, so what brand of basic maintenance tool set is good? Everyone is more concerned, I believe that after reading the above article, everyone should have a basic understanding.

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1. Sodium Chlorite
Properties: White or light yellow greenish crystal, basic, slightly absorb moisture,easily soluble in water and alcohol. Sodium chlorite is stable in normal condition, it release chlorine dioxide when meet acid. If contact with wood scraps, organic compounds, reducing substances, or if knocked or rubbed, it is easy to explode or burn. Toxic!

Uses: Used in producing chlorine dioxide, or bleaching textiles, fiber, paper pulp, sand sugar, flour, wax, fruit etc, or certain metal surface treating, drink water and waste water purification etc.

Package and symbol: Solid: net weight 50kgs iron drum with plastic liner, or following customer's demand.

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