How to trim the navel orange, what are the methods of pruning?

Navel orange contains a lot of vitamin C and carotene, so many of my friends like it. Today, I will share with you how to trim the navel orange.

How to trim the navel orange, what are the methods of pruning:

First, sapling

1. Decide:

Short-drying plastic surgery can accelerate the growth of side branches, form a canopy faster, increase the green leaf layer, and achieve early results and high yield. Navel oranges generally have a dry height of 30 to 40 cm. The backbone is too short to be convenient for the prevention and control of the beetle and the soil management.

2. Number of main branches:

According to the variety, the strength of growth, the characteristics of the orchard. The main branches of the natural round head type are preferably 3~4, and should be evenly distributed, avoiding repetition, and maintaining a certain distance between the main branches, so as to improve the illumination conditions of the lower main branches and side branches.

3. The main branch angle:

The angle is too small, due to the polar growth, the apex shoots grow more vigorously, the lower side branches are inhibited, the branches are less, the length is easy to grow, and the result is not easy; at the same time, the upper part is crowded and the canopy is narrow. If the angle is too large, the branches will easily sag, and the growth potential will be weaker and faster. The main branch of the navel orange is placed at an angle of about 40° with the extension of the trunk. It can be opened at an angle or supported by bamboo.

4. Cultivate the canopy structure:

Can be cut or not cut as much as possible without cutting, reserved for auxiliary branches. After the tip of the hair, the main branches are 3~4, and the rest are all erased except for a few auxiliary branches. Before the spring shoots sprout, the main branches are appropriately short-cut and weak, and the tips are selected at the apex. The main branch, the rest for the side branches; if the main branch is too long, you can choose the first auxiliary branch about 35 cm away from the trunk. In the future, if there is a strong summer and autumn shoot at the apex of the main branch, one main branch can be left as an extension branch, and the rest can be topped.

Second, pruning

1. Young tree pruning:

The growth of the umbilical orange shoots is relatively uniform, and it is generally not necessary to trim at the young age, as long as the buds control the shoots. In the cultivation to avoid random fertilization, should focus on the application of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer 15 to 20 days before the tip of the hair, spray the fertilizer on the root before turning the green color to promote the greening, and control the fertilization for the rest of the time.

2. Results tree pruning:

1 cultivate stereoscopic results. According to the characteristics of uniform growth of the navel orange branches, stable main branch angle and good tree shape, the lower part and the inner lychee are generally retained, and the lower part and the inside and outside of the crown are all lightly trimmed, keeping the tree shape large and small, similar to blunt Head conical. If the result after picking fruit is strong, the spring growth can still produce good growth branches and result branches from the base of the fruit stalk, and should not be preserved. If the result is slender and weak, it can be cut off from the base.

2 branches updated. Mainly in the summer retraction pruning, not only can reduce nutrient consumption, solve the contradiction between fruit shoots, but also stimulate the growth of autumn shoots, change the proportion of the resulting mother branch. The summer shears in Pingyuan County of Guangdong Province are generally carried out before the physiological shoots have passed until the ends of the mother shoots. The winter shears are carried out after harvesting the fruit until the spring shoots sprout, and combined with the clearing garden to cut off the pests and diseases and the weak branches.

3 aging tree pruning. For trees with severe aging or too tightness, the main branch can be renewed, usually at 70~100 cm from the base of the main branch, and the backbone branches are shortened. For some aging trees with some branches, the aging tree is rotated in a short period of 2 to 3 years, and the excessively weak side branches are thinned to retain most of the strong growing branches. In the new years of renewal, a certain amount of production can be maintained every year, the new shoots grow better, the sunburn is less, and the high yield is also faster. The update is carried out before the germination of spring buds. After the update, sunscreen measures should be taken, such as straw dressing or white coating, preservative or waxing, and ground covering. After the update, a large number of new shoots are often sprouted, and should be removed in time. Two or four new shoots with uniform distribution are left on each main branch to form a new skeleton of the canopy.

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