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Combination of Chinese and Western style: If you don't want to change the original modern atmosphere, you may wish to adopt a 7: 3 distribution of Western and Chinese styles, and also choose some light-colored and elegant items in the jewelry to absorb the tension of Chinese furniture. In addition, a small amount of Chinese-style single-piece furniture can be placed indoors in a relatively convergent position, such as some corners, which does not grab attention. It can also reflect the implicit beauty of Chinese furniture, and at the same time solve the problem of closing the awkward corners of the living room.

Pure Chinese style: For families who choose a lot of Chinese furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the light, the ground and the wall to the effect of it, warm light, light yellow wall, dark floor and blue stone plate and other rustic colors It is the best supporting role for Chinese furniture. The accessories with strong colors, such as gold, dark green, purple, dark blue, and positive red, all help reduce the dullness of the living room caused by Chinese furniture. On the other hand, the color of Chinese furniture is heavy, and it is easy to get dull and dark. Therefore, it is best for Chinese study rooms to have large windows to allow air circulation and introduce natural light and outdoor scenery. In the past, people would also create some small landscapes inside and outside the house to set off the tranquility inside.

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