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We know that light luxury is currently popular in the entire high-end furniture industry. Behind this new term of light luxury is a large group of consumers. Their "light luxury" consumption concept determines that they will not only consume the fashion field. "Light luxury" products;

For example, the field of high-end furniture tends to take the "light luxury" route, especially for the new Chinese furniture style.

At present, China is in an era where traditional culture is gradually returning, and because of its strong national cultural characteristics, the new Chinese furniture can express the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation and quickly attract people's attention.


Compared with traditional Chinese furniture, new Chinese furniture integrates scientific ergonomic design, which greatly improves the comfort of use. Not only that, but also keeps pace with the times. For example, some brands have also made antique mahogany The whole set of cabinets, the cabinets are fully functional and leave a variety of electrical appliances to meet the more needs of fashionable people.

The rise of Chinese contemporary art furniture has not only won a better development environment for the original Chinese-style home furnishing designers, but the better new Chinese-style furniture has provided a higher and broader platform for the works to reach the public and to the world. New Chinese furniture enters contemporary art, and it goes further from light luxury.

From the consumer's point of view, the veteran collector's retreat comes second, bringing a way of existence to the new Chinese furniture. The return of Chinese traditional culture and the emergence of high-priced auction items have made the collection of classical furniture increasingly hot.


But after all, the resources of old furniture are limited. There is one less thing to find, and the less good things are. The new imitations or old ones are more and more. It is difficult to get into the elegant hall, even senior veteran collectors. Be cautious.

Coupled with the recent soaring of mahogany furniture and frequent obstruction of imports and exports, it is already difficult for consumers to seek for collection value and appreciation space on classical furniture.

The price of new Chinese furniture is generally not too high, ordinary collectors can start, unconsciously meet the minimum conditions of "light luxury".

In addition, the excellent new Chinese style must be able to carry the connotation of traditional culture, with excellent materials and exquisite workmanship, which is the core characteristic of "light luxury".

It can be said that as long as the new Chinese style is good enough, it is very suitable for the "light luxury" route, because at least this part of the strong collectors will pay.


Some successful people in consumer design may also pay attention to new Chinese-style furniture. For a long period of time after the reform and opening up, people regard European and American styles as foreign styles, and European and American big-name furniture as luxury. Rich people will choose European and American furniture.

The 2011 Da Vinci incident gave a rational return to the high-end European and American furniture markets, and some consumers turned their attention to the local furniture market.

However, the mass production of ordinary modern furniture is too worthless and attractive to them, and the new Chinese furniture brand positioned as "light luxury" is just right-it has a design and artistic sense that fits the current aesthetics, and at the same time Practical.

For some successful people who focus on art and design, he is not only suitable for investment, but also worth having. They have realized that design, as part of the art world, can also be consumed.

This kind of design consumption allows them to dry until the art actually exists in life. They bought it but no longer want to sell it, but want to own it. This is essentially different from the above-mentioned collection investment.


The literary youth group has sprung up in recent years. The literary youth who appeal to personality and taste love the literature and life and their derivatives or related products. They are willing to invest great enthusiasm and have high loyalty to the brand. .

They are not necessarily rich but they can afford and are willing to buy what they like and will share and share in their circles. They pay attention to the quality of living space, pursue the connotation and culture of furniture, and take the furniture and brand that demand lifestyle, attitude and values ​​as consumption goals.

It can be said that their taste determines their personality and determines that they will be the most loyal consumer group of "light luxury". They will favor the simplicity of the wood style and yearn for the "slow life" doctrine of Northern Europe. Of course, they will also support the new Chinese style with traditional and literary atmosphere.

Therefore, "light luxury" new Chinese furniture also has a large market share among literary youth.


Some studies have found that the middle-class luxury consumer field now hopes to be able to distinguish it from "big money" and "upstarts", and is more pursuing quality and culturally low-key luxury. The emergence of "light luxury" is such a situation for them And timely.

And when the social backbone groups of the post-70s and post-80s began to collectively nostalgic, they inadvertently brought marketing opportunities to the brand-because of the nostalgia to consume classics.

This is a large group of mature and emotional middle-aged consumer groups, some of them, nostalgia for tradition are advanced young and young door is unimaginable.

The Chinese-style plots they had cured since childhood were especially obvious when they entered middle age. Because they hope to find the memories and familiar touch from their youth, and hope to obtain peace of mind from them. The return of traditional culture in recent years has set off a new Chinese furniture consumption boom in the field of home furnishing, which precisely caters to the emotional demands of this group of consumers.


The new Chinese furniture is not only suitable for modern lifestyle in terms of function and comfort, but also the charm of Chinese style and classic elements, I am afraid that only they can taste the true meaning of it. More importantly, the middle-aged they already have a very high consumption strength.

Therefore, regardless of whether the new Chinese furniture takes the luxury route, they are the most important consumer power; this can be seen from the age of the major customers of the major new Chinese furniture brands.


The fierce "small era", which represents the second generation of the post-90s rich group, which used to be an ivory tower, has grown up in an era of material wealth in Chinese society.

There are too many statistical and statistical predictions that show the strong consumption power of this group, and consumption concepts and behaviors will also change the future market and trend vane.

No matter in the field of fashion or home life, they are the most vigorous consumer groups of "light luxury". The younger ones will absorb new things faster than other groups, so the new Chinese style of "light luxury" is very easy for this group to open the market. Of course, the younger age also determines that they will not be deeply infected with traditional culture. New Chinese furniture with a more modern feel will be more attractive to them than traditional ones.

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