38 flat small apartment decoration strategy makes the small apartment become bigger in seconds

38 square meters can be regarded as a small apartment. Due to the small area, special attention and caution must be taken when decorating. If the decoration is not good, it will feel very small, very narrow, and not practical. Therefore, many people do not know how to decorate the 38-level small apartment to be more practical. So, the following introduces you to the 38-storey small apartment decoration strategy and makes the small apartment bigger in seconds.

38 flat small apartment decoration strategy

1. Follow the principle of "light decoration"

The 38-square-meter house has a relatively small area. If the design is too complicated, the space will be more narrow, but large-scale changes will increase the cost of decoration. Therefore, light decoration is the best choice, and light decoration is focused on configuration and practicality. Small space Can reduce the complex design, so that life is more comfortable and comfortable.

2. Mainly concise and unified

38 square meters of small apartment decoration should consider the practicality, the decoration should be simple and unified, so as to play a role in enlarging the space. First of all, for the interior design can not use complex modeling, the color should be unified and coordinated, you can use the light color system as the main color. In addition, do not install a chandelier, because the chandelier is relatively large, it is easy that the limited space becomes more urgent.

3. Emphasize the dynamic of space

The 38 square meters of small apartment decoration should emphasize the dynamic of the space, so as not to be too monotonous, you can make a fuss about the color during the decoration, for example, the color of the wall can be matched with light and dark tones to create a visual sense of difference. In addition, a suspended ceiling design can be adopted in the partial space, which can make the space look more dynamic.

4. Use multi-functional design

The 38 square meters of small apartment decoration can design a porch, which can be designed together with the shoe cabinet, which not only saves space but is also very practical.

5. Reasonable use of space

Due to the limited space, shelving can be designed on the wall during the design, which is mainly used to place some small objects or books, and can also play a decorative effect. In addition, you can also make holes in the wall to make storage space, which can save a lot of space.

Editor's summary: The 38-level small apartment decoration strategy has been introduced here. I believe you have seen the small apartment decoration here. For more related knowledge, you can follow the information on this website.

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