GTAT and Beijing Express jointly launch continuous Czochralski single crystal solution

With the significant commercial progress of GT Advanced Technologies (hereinafter referred to as GTAT) continuous Czochralski single crystal technology (CCZ), GTAT is driving the further development of photovoltaic technology, and is committed to significantly increasing productivity and reducing costs for the industry. A few days ago, the company announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with Beijing Jingyuntong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Yuntong"). This disruptive solution can greatly promote single crystal growth technology and continuously accelerate the growth of single crystal silicon materials in photovoltaic modules. Applications. The agreement allows Beijing Express to integrate GTAT's CCZ continuous feed technology with Beijing Express's Czochralski single crystal equipment, and authorizes it to promote the integrated solution to the entire industry.

The integrated solution developed by GTAT and Beijing Express has a subversive significance. Czochralski single crystal furnace can work continuously for the first time, which will greatly improve production efficiency and achieve breakthrough financial benefits. Crystal growth productivity can be increased by approximately 25%, while significantly reducing operating costs. As a leader in the photovoltaic industry, GTAT and Beijing Express jointly introduced this breakthrough solution to the market, which is of epoch-making significance in itself. The solution not only greatly improves the output of single crystal materials, but also has a more favorable price. The continuous feeding scheme can be directly integrated into a large batch of existing single crystal furnaces that have been installed and produced.

GTAT President and CEO Greg Knight commented on the license agreement and the market impact of the solution. "We are very pleased to reach cooperation with Beijing Express, which is a recognized leader in photovoltaic crystal growth equipment and materials," said Mr. Knight. "Our two companies have been the most prominent representatives of crystal growth and equipment expertise for decades. I believe that with the accelerated adoption of monocrystalline silicon wafers and the conclusion of this license agreement, it will bring a disruptive and positive impact on the photovoltaic market. "

Feng Huanpei, Chairman and CEO of Beijing Express said: "This continuous feeding technology has given us a great advantage in terms of increasing productivity and reducing crystal costs. We are very pleased to sign this license agreement with GTAT because it represents a Solutions that benefit the entire photovoltaic industry. "

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