Deep well pump installation requirements

Deep well pump installation requirements: First, the deep well pump assembly requirements: 1, the assembly pump, Yang pipe, drive shaft, should be fastened after the connector and gradually into the well, prevent mechanical parts and tools fall into the well, submersible power Pump cable should be bundled in the Yang pipe; 2, when connected to the threaded connection Yang pipe, you should add oil, should not fill the hemp, lead oil; pipe end should be fitted with the bearing bracket (long axis deep well pump) Or direct fit, the depth of the two pipe into the pipe should be equal; flange connection Yang pipe, flange between the end surface should be added gasket; 3, the pump base and the connection on the basis of Yang pipe, if the well tube Slightly skewed, the pump seat should be the appropriate deflection (do not simply correct the level of the pump seat); pump seat and the foundation should be filled with wedge iron. Second, the deep well pump before commissioning requirements: 1, well tube diameter and non-straightness should be consistent with the pump part of the external dimensions requirements; well pipe diameter should generally be larger than the pump part of the largest dimension of about 50 mm, so that the pump in the The well can be free up and down, and shall not damage the submersible cable; 2, well pipe nozzle mouth should not be less than the corresponding base plane 25 mm; 3, well tube and foundation should be placed soft isolation layer; 4, The size of the pipe should be connected to meet the needs of Yang pumping; 5, well pipe should be no sludge and dirt, debris; 6, should be straight pipe Yang, thread and flange face should not bruise, and should be cleaned; , The electrical connector should be immersed in water for 6 hours, measured with a 5000-volt shake table, the insulation resistance should not be less than 5 Megohms; 8, the groove on the flange to protect the cable should not have burrs or sharp corners, and should be cleaned; , The motor stator windings immersed in water at room temperature for 48 hours, the insulation resistance of the chassis should not be less than 40 megohms. 10, deep well pump and motor assembly, the motor should be flooded to the submersible motor filled with clean water; 11, the depth of the submersible into the water generally should not exceed 70 meters, such as must be more than 70 meters, the motor stator windings, cables and Joint pressure-resistant test.

Wool Roller Brush

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Wool roller brush is the best material fiber.

Hair:wool blend,  can be according to customer`s request

Handle:  Plastic handle,  it can be any color

Rod Diameter: 5.4-8mm Zinc-Plated/ Chrome-Plated

PP Pipe Diameter: 15mm

Size:  4"

Pile Height: 4mm

Technology: hot-melt

Style: European Style, also can be made American style

Packaging & Shipping

MOQ:10000pcs per size

Trade Terms: FOB, EXW

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Delivery Time: Within 40 days after receive 30% deposit.

Packing: PP bag; Carton Package: Export carton box;Or according to customers

Shipping: By sea, express or by air


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Wool Roller Brush

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