The principle of structural demolition and renovation during the renovation of a house

The principle of structural demolition and renovation during the renovation of a house

The principles to be followed in the process of housing demolition:

1. For buildings with "brick-and-blend" structures, all prefabricated walls cannot be dismantled or opened. In particular, brick walls with a thickness of more than 24 cm are generally load-bearing walls and cannot be easily removed or modified. The load-bearing wall bears the weight of the building and maintains the balance of the entire building structure. If the load-bearing wall is dismantled, the balance of this force will be destroyed, and the consequences will be heavy, and no one will be able to afford the threat of life.

In home improvement, besides the load-bearing wall, it cannot be demolished, and the light body wall is not necessarily demountable. Some light walls also carry part of the weight of the house. For example, the lightweight wall below the crossbeam cannot be removed - it also carries part of the weight of the house. Demolition will also destroy the housing structure.

What wall can be removed? The light walls and hollow panels that are completely partition walls can be removed. Because the partition does not bear any pressure at all, the value of existence is to separate the space; it will not cause any impact on the structure of the house.

If you have to dismantle bearing walls, it is not absolutely impossible. The Ministry of Construction has stipulated that if it is necessary to change to a load-bearing wall, for example, the original design unit or a design unit with the same qualification as the original design unit may revise and reinforce the design scheme before the demolition of the load-bearing wall. In other words, it is necessary to remove it, but it needs to be reinforced. However, it must be ensured that reinforcement is a correct and effective reinforcement.

Second, the door frame is embedded in the concrete and should not be removed. If it is demolished or remodeled, it will destroy the building structure, reduce the safety factor, and it will be more difficult to re-install the door.

Third, the low wall of the balcony can not be removed or changed. There is a window on the wall between the general room and the balcony. The doors and windows can be dismantled, but the wall below the window cannot be removed, because this wall is a “counterweight wall” and it acts like a scale to lift the balcony. The effect is that if the wall is dismantled, the bearing capacity of the balcony will drop, causing the balcony to fall.

Fourth, the columns in the room cannot be changed. Beams and columns are used to support the upper floors. Demolition or renovation will cause the upper floors to fall down. It is very dangerous, so the columns and columns must not be demolished or modified.

Fifth, the steel bars in the wall cannot move. When the pipeline is laid, if the steel bar is damaged, the bearing capacity of the wall and the floor will be affected, leaving potential safety hazards.

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