Analysis of the development characteristics of China's hardware industry at the present stage

A few years ago, China's hardware industry overall grade is not too high, SMEs are more, starting low, mostly for some small workshops; in recent years, the changes are relatively large, one is the improvement of personnel quality, such as the largest in Beijing The person in charge of the hardware market "Zhonghua Hardware City" is a doctoral and post-doctoral person; the second is the improvement of the level of technology and management. The factory like Great Wall Seiko has a very high level in craftsmanship and management.

At present, the level of domestic production technology is uneven. Many large foreign manufacturers regard China as their product processing base. Many companies in the world have entered the mainland market. At present, it is the stage of upgrading and upgrading of China's hardware products, from the low-end to the high-end products. This is very beneficial to the development of China's hardware industry. In the process of transferring foreign products to the domestic market, some advanced production processes and management models including raw materials will be brought together.

From the perspective of traditional hardware, the first is the tool, which is faster than manual tools, hydraulic tools and power tools. Second, in terms of construction hardware and decorative hardware, the speed of replacement is relatively fast.

The market for hardware components is in great demand. Hebei, a small processing plant, the production process is very backward, its sales force across the country has reached more than 100,000.

After more than ten years of accumulation and steady improvement, China's hardware industry is now the world's largest producer, and exports are growing steadily every year. Among them, the largest export value was tool products, reaching 5.34 billion US dollars; followed by construction hardware, which was 4.34 billion US dollars. The export of taps was 2.23 billion US dollars, and the export of locks was 680 million US dollars. The countries with the largest exports are the United States, Japan, Europe, and South Korea. The annual export of China's hardware industry is growing at a rate of around 8%. Last year, the export value of hardware products exceeded 5 billion US dollars, ranking third in the light industry export ranking. Due to the improvement of China's hardware manufacturing level and the expansion of production capacity, it is expected that China's hardware products will maintain a steady growth of more than 10% per year in the next five years. In the first 10 months, the import and export volume of China's hardware and electrical products exceeded US$500 billion. The surplus further expanded, reaching a total of US$7.06 billion, accounting for 64% of the national trade surplus during the same period.

The changes in the international hardware market provide a good opportunity for the export of China's hardware products. The production of hardware in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in Asia is second only to developed countries in the world.

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