Only comprehensive anti-theft can be effective

How can I use theft

The first part, burglar alarm

Analyze the role of various anti-theft products in the case of a large number of stolen cars:
U-lock: The most popular type on the market, the main role is to lock the wheel.
Disc brake lock: Suitable for motorcycles with disc brake discs.
Chain lock: suitable for locking motorcycles and fixed objects to prevent motorcycles from being removed.
Anti-theft device: When someone touches the car, an alarm sounds, which is an active alarm.
The role of any of the above anti-theft devices is limited. If you want to prevent theft as much as possible, comprehensive anti-theft should be used to extend the theft of the thief.

Many friends like to install anti-theft alarms. What kind of anti-theft device can achieve this effect? ​​Some friends like to consult with me before loading. Unfortunately, I think the actual expected effect of the anti-theft device is not 10% of the expected effect. Like a friend, Yamaha Tianjian stopped at the downstairs of Hongqi Village in the North First Ring Road. It took about 10 minutes to go upstairs and downstairs. The car was almost stolen. Friends are wondering why the anti-theft device failed to report to the police.

After my analysis, the conclusion is as follows: First, the circuit structure of the motorcycle is different from the circuit structure of the car. The wiring of the car is hidden in the car, and the wiring of the motorcycle is exposed, and the wiring of the knight is more exposed. Usually, the alarm does not continuously alarm when the vehicle is first touched, but a short warning. The alarm is triggered again within 15 seconds. The thief suddenly pulls off the motorcycle battery cover while the motorcycle is stationary. A short warning is issued, and then the battery can be cut and swayed, causing the alarm to malfunction. Similarly, car thieves can also smash the direction lights, short the positive and negative poles, burn the insurance, causing the alarm to malfunction. So in the advanced alarms are also the same.

For the current burglar alarm, I suggest that the simpler the better, after all, is an auxiliary facility, but the anti-theft device must be equipped with anti-shear type, that is, even if the wire-cut anti-theft device can still be powered by the battery power provided by itself, Of course, the condition can be equipped with a two-way burglar alarm. As far as my current market research is concerned, the two-way anti-theft anti-theft alarm has the highest level of anti-theft. The first time you can cut the line, you can continue to alarm, and you can send an alarm to the remote control of the owner. The short-distance parking can be the highest level of anti-theft.

The purpose of the anti-theft device is to focus on the dark, instead of beating everywhere, so my own Honda power motorcycle is equipped with a Yamaha one-way anti-theft anti-theft device, and no directional lights, so as to avoid being short-circuited. If a two-way anti-theft device is installed, the car can even not be connected to the alarm horn, so that the thief mistakenly believes that the car has no anti-theft device. When the thief steals the car, the owner directly goes to the thief.

The second part, the lock

At present, there are many locks on the market. Of course, when motorcycles are shipped from the factory, they are usually equipped with electric door locks and faucet locks. However, under the current unified standard wiring, the time to open a faucet lock and the electric door lock is about 20 seconds. So it is important to have a good lock for your car.

The thief who was first captured by the public security department for many years found that the thief’s current tools for committing crimes were mostly a word, a cross reamer, a pliers, and a hydraulic shear. From these data, it is not difficult to see that 90% of the thieves still use the violent unlocking, so those locks that are only produced by the lock manufacturer who works hard on the prevention of technology and do not work on the anti-violence lock can be said to have poor practical anti-theft effect. .

Recognize the locks on the market

After our research on the anti-theft device, we should say that you have a certain understanding of the anti-theft. Many friends who ride motorcycles are also asking how to choose a good lock. In fact, according to my actual observation, about 80% of the Moses are Using locks without anti-theft function, this issue will introduce the structure of several locks on the market, so that you can purchase locks as a reference in the future.

1. One-word lock of the keyhole:

This kind of lock is the original lock model. It should be said that it is the ancestor of the lock. If we still use this lock core, we can basically call it a lock, not an anti-theft lock, whether it is motorcycle anti-theft or home anti-theft. It doesn't make any sense to use such a lock. With the lowest level of locksmiths on the market, using two crochets, the technology is used to open the lock for about 5 seconds. The security key on the balcony of a friend's house. Lost, called the lock company to go, one-handed to get such a lock for 5 seconds, so still use such a key padlock, the front plug lock is also good, please stop using, because this lock for you Any anti-theft effect.

2, cross hole lock

At that time, when such a lock was made, it was a sensation. This kind of lock was greatly reduced in the mutual opening ratio than the one-word lock, and it was necessary to use a crochet to detect the lock core, and it took a certain time to realize the technical unlocking. But now this kind of lock is only a few seconds for the cross reamer to ream the lock cylinder.

3, crescent keyhole lock

This kind of lock was probably invented in the late 1990s. At that time, the reaming of the reamer was very rampant. At that time, when designing the lock, the crescent-shaped key was considered. The reamer was not easy to penetrate the lock core, so the lock cylinder could not be broken, but the lock was The safety has only just been popular for a few months, and it has been replaced by another tool, that is, it comes with a power-type hand drill. At that time, I was working in the motorcycle market near Yuanyi, and I heard "呜" at the door of the unit. —”, after seeing that the friend’s car was locked and not locked at the door of the unit, the colleague was called out, but after the colleague came out, he determined that his car was locked, and the result was that the lock was missing. There are still some iron filings on the ground. I judge the friend's lock, and it is bound to be drilled by the electric drill on the lock core. If it wasn't for me, the bicycle would disappear. Therefore, the crescent-shaped keyhole anti-hand reamer should be OK, but the anti-electric drill is not recommended.

4, O-type lock hole anti-theft lock

This kind of lock cylinder was the "thief see 愁" lock core promoted and used by the Ministry of Public Security at that time. Because the whole lock cylinder is a hole shape, it should have a significant effect in preventing the damage of the manual reamer and preventing the damage of the electric drill, but this product is also listed on the market. Years of time, the destructive opening of the lock cylinder is feasible, I am still studying, the current front lock of this lock core has retained a continued service.

5, idling lock lock

Since the invention of the idling lock, the anti-theft level of the lock has reached the highest level, and the probability of the technical opening of the anti-theft lock becomes very small, that is, the thief spends several hours to open the lock like this. There is no point in it. Since the keyhole is idling as long as the key is not matched, the violent opening for the purpose of damaging the lock cylinder is also impossible.

Final article

In the last two chapters, we introduced the purchase techniques of anti-theft devices and various locks, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various locks and anti-theft devices. Many car friends have telephone consultations, and many car friends have consulted through Want Want and QQ. They are willing to ride a very cool car, but such a car thief is always thinking about it. Below I will introduce my own experience and share with you.
Firstly study the tools commonly used by thieves: pliers (or hydraulic shears), reamer, sledgehammer usually destroy the lock means: use hydraulic shear to cut the lock, use the reamer to break the lock cylinder, use the sledgehammer to smash the disc brake lock against this Commonly used means I recommend comprehensive anti-theft.

First, the anti-theft device purchase articles

First of all, from the most popular anti-theft device, we discussed the first article. If the anti-theft device is not anti-shear, the basic use is not big. As long as the insurance is burned, the anti-theft device is dumb, but I found it in the market through investigation. For this anti-theft device, please see this circuit diagram:

From the circuit diagram, we can easily see that the anti-theft device has an alarm function with an ordinary anti-theft device. The most important thing is to lock the trigger circuit between the magneto and the ignition button, that is, there is no anti-theft device to unlock, even if you have The key can't start the car. For the thief, the car can't start the car, and the car is a two-way anti-theft device. Even if the whole car circuit is destroyed, it can continue to send an alarm to the remote controller nearby, so the thief may think It is a bad car and gives up stealing. It is also impossible for him to spend more time studying circuit wiring.

So it is concluded that the anti-theft device can lock the magnetic motor best, even if it can not be locked, also buy a battery-powered anti-theft device.

Second, locks to buy articles

Any lock is not omnipotent. How to choose a good lock is very important, but I personally recommend that you buy more than two locks. The best combination is disc brake + U type, or two U type. Many fans have been asking me why I don't recommend a combination of chain lock + U-lock or + disc brake lock, which can prevent the vehicle from moving away. It is good to see that the chain lock can fix the lock on the object from the surface. Judging from the situation of car theft for many years, it is rare to take the car and carry it off the small truck. They all use the violent attack to break the lock. If the thief dares to drive the car, he can definitely take all the time. Tools (oxygen welding cutters, electric grinders, hydraulic shears, etc.), and the chain locks have limited thickness due to their own manufacturing constraints. For the most heavy-duty manganese steel chain locks, they are only promised to resist. Pliers and pliers are the tools used by thieves in the last century. Now the hydraulic shearing and cutting of manganese steel chains is a breeze. Do you mean that it is meaningful to bring this big iron chain of nearly 7 pounds a day? Therefore, the friends with big chain locks continue to use, and one more anti-theft is not a bad thing. If you don't have one, you don't have to consider buying it at a high price.
Below I will analyze the benefits of a disc brake + a U lock, disc brake lock, as the name suggests, is to lock the disc brake disc through the lock body, control the rotation of the wheel, and lock the vehicle, if there is no disc brake friends can jump After entering this section of the U lock, because you can not configure the disc brake, disc brake lock

Please see the picture below. The weakest part of the disc brake is marked with a red arrow.

Once this place is cut off by a sledgehammer, the whole anti-theft should be meaningless, so when choosing a disc brake, you must choose a thick one. The so-called thick is the thinnest one when you purchase the disc brake. The thickest one in the side; the so-called real, is the choice of the same volume, the most important quality when purchasing the disc brake lock, so it must be a solid disc brake lock.

The disc brake lock is finished, we will introduce the U lock below, please see the picture below.

Here I have marked the most vulnerable part of the U lock, the left side of the movable part and the lock lever part, the left pin must be firm, in the past many locks, the lock pin part only has a pin of 0.2-0.3CM, this strength can be Imagine, of course, the lock body is also the most important to resist hydraulic shears. Now many locks are marked with anti-hydraulic shears. When buying, pay attention to how many tons of hydraulic shears are resistant.

Third, comprehensive supporting fortification

After the knowledge of the anti-theft device and the locks are available, we must make full use of this anti-theft system to achieve the best anti-theft effect, that is, the lock method of the lock.

Every lock should be kept as far as possible from the ground when the lock is locked. If the plate wheel is best inserted from the shock absorber as shown in the first figure, it is difficult to use a tool such as a pliers and a jack. Go deeper and find out the point of force to destroy the lock. When the disc brake is locked, try to lock it to the innermost disc brake hole. When the hammer is impacted, the stroke is short and it is not easy to be destroyed.

At the end of this paragraph, you should not look at advertisements in any way, but look at the actual effect. There is no point in turning on the technology of 10 million yuan. The thief will not play cards according to the routine, but only destroy the lock core, but the comprehensive Violent damage, so you must have two locks before and after, plus the power-off anti-theft anti-theft device, in order to comprehensive anti-theft.
Finally, I wish everyone can hold their car, stop the lock, try to park the car in a place where someone is in charge.

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