The more the security door locks, the more anti-theft?

In the face of consumer purchase inquiry, I often hear that some manufacturers and businesses engaged in security door promotion are boasting, boasting how many lock points there are in the up and down of the security door of the city, and they are determined to be "Wanfu Mokai." If the real security door locks more, the more burglarproof?

In fact, as early as 1998, China has formulated relevant national mandatory standards for security door security, and has specified that the mechanical security door locks must meet the A or B standards. The A level is the ordinary protection level, and the B level is It is an advanced protection level. However, when the merchants promote the drink, they often do not talk about the protection level of their own product locks. They only emphasize how much their locks are. This is actually the difference between the lock points and the lock cylinders that intentionally confuse the security door. concept.

4 locks are enough

The function of the lock point of the security door is to prevent smashing, but the key to control the lock point expansion and contraction is the lock core. There are more lock points for any anti-theft door, but there is only one lock core, as long as the lock cylinder is opened, all The lock points can all be opened, so for the purchaser of the security door, it is the key to pay attention to the quality of the anti-theft lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is the core of the anti-theft lock. Generally speaking, the security door has a lock point on the top, bottom, left and right sides, that is, 4 lock points are enough.

Abuse of inferior door locks

The reason why countless nominal "security doors" will easily "fall off", often with manufacturers to save production costs, abused some low-cost inferior door locks, most security door manufacturers to buy from low prices to the community The locks, the quality of the steel plate of the lock body are not in line with the national standards, and some are not even steel plates at all. They are made of inferior materials such as cast iron plates or imitation steels, not to mention smashing, and some can be smashed by external force. open.

Some security door manufacturers even use single-row pin locks that are easily banned by thieves that have long been banned by national standards.

Lock grade standard

There are a lot of locks, and the price is often rising. In fact, the more the locks, the more expensive the security door is. It’s a good product when you buy it. If you buy it, you don’t want to give the manufacturer a clear indication of the level of the security door locks used. It is the most important thing.

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